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The all-in-ones (or all-in-one from English) captivate many: teams that in a small space manage to maintain a certain performance. Little more than the screen, and to work.Sometimes these computers can be really powerful, even being categorized as workstations. This is the case of the HP Z1.

The all-in-one workstation HP which reaches the second generation, was introduced at the beginning of the year after the first model of 2012, and which has its focus on the professional market. We have analyzed one of the HP Z1 models to see if it really is a successful model. Here are all our tests:

A robust design in a large size

He all-in-one par excellence is the Apple iMac, a team that has been waging war for more than a decade and setting a precedent. If we move to Windows there is a great offer, although many models are quite unknown: within this category we analyze the MSI AG220, a computer designed for the domestic market with a profile very different from that of the equipment we are dealing with today.

HP Z1 can be considered as a very high range of product, both for its price (from around 2,000 euros, VAT included) and its design and aesthetics. It is large, 27 inches, and its technical characteristics are cutting-edge or even included within professional cutting hardware components.

The 27 inches are huge for a conventional desk. Generally, many of us have the same table as in the 90s, when the monitors were 14 or 15 inches. To fit a 27-inch computer (as a reference, almost 70 centimeters diagonal from the panel), you will have to make a place for it and put it on generous distance. The meter or meter and peak is very little, and something more will be necessary; otherwise, our physical therapist will have an extra job.

The aesthetics of the Z1 G2 is entirely based on black and gray. The black frames occupy the front, and the rear area is covered almost entirely with gray plastic plates that simulate metal, although they are not and this is noticeable to the touch. The appearance is very good, a large team that shows robustness, although perhaps thinking of the money spent they could have added some more material premium.

The base on which the equipment is based also draws attention. It is also all plastic, but it is really big, possibly a necessary requirement to hold the equipment, of around 21 kilograms. It must be recognized that it is very effective, since once installed on the table it does not flinch.

Like everything all-in-one we will need the peripherals that we want, and nothing else. On the side there is a set of simple connections (USB, audio, SD, Thunderbolt) although the ideal is to connect them in the rear hub, something hidden but easily accessible. After that, turn on and go.

Excellent performance for an all-in-one

We expect one of the best performances on the market from a workstation. When we use the term workstation We are not referring to any computer that serves to work, but to those that are usually used for professional tasks that require great power: generally 3D modeling and creation software, simulation systems or, more generally, any program or very demanding.

The technical characteristics of the HP Z1 G2 that we have tested, and that we will summarize later, are based on an Intel Xeon E3-1245 v3 processor with NVidia Quadro K4100M graphics, accompanied by a 256 GB SSD (and a traditional 1 TB) and 8 GB of RAM. A team that does have that extra of power that is often required to work comfortably.

HP Z1 G2 screen 27 inch IPS LED
2560x1440 pixels Processor Intel Xeon E3-1245v3
4 cores / 8 threads
3.4 ~ 3.8 GHz.
TDP 84 W. GPU NVidia Quadro K4100M
GK104 706 MHz.
1152 CUDA cores
4 GB GDDR5-256bit RAM 8GB DDR3 non-ECC
(2x4GB) Storage SSD Micron RealSSD mSATA 256 GB
HDD WD VelociRaptor 1TB Others 2x USB
3.0 4xUSB2.0
Audio-in + Mic
1xDisplayPort 1.1
2x Thunderbolt Dimensions 66.04x41.91x58.42 cm Weight 21 kilograms (approximate weight)

A notable feature is that HP allows hardware upgrade, sow under some circumstances. The Z1 'opens' to allow the replacement of some components without going through the technical service or without exotic tools. The bad thing is that we will have to go through the HP box, since it is an exclusive and proprietary system of which there are no alternatives clonic.

Regarding performance, there is no doubt that we are dealing with a very powerful team that demonstrates its efficiency quickly. Initialization is almost Instantly and the entire system moves completely smoothly, thanks in large part to the SSD. The applications open at great speed and everything is shown to the thousand wonders. The huge screen and its resolution undoubtedly help this premium experience; precisely on the screen, it is most likely that for the next generation of Z1 HP integrates a panel UHD.

Thunderbolt connections

HP Z1 includes a pair of Thunderbolt ports for the fastest external storage.

Tinkering with applications for which it is aimed we can say that its performance is on par with a high-performance gaming PC, with which we are much more accustomed to dealing. In 3D modeling it behaves very well, although as always this depends greatly on the load we want to assign to it. exist workstations much more powerful, but in a conventional format. We can open a debate: does the design of your work computer really matter?

HP Z1 - An expensive, but beautiful and powerful workstation

And it is not a trivial question. In fact, it is a good part of the background that the HP Z1 G2 has: a professional team for those who need to take care of the aesthetic section.

Its performance is very acceptable, being a powerful computer capable of efficiently moving software such as AutoCAD, Blender, 3ds Max, Premiere, Illustrator, Vegas ... or one of the thousand programs that usually require great processing capacity. Once again, it is not the same to model the room of a house as a city in its entirety and with the maximum detail; the Z1 G2 goes more for the first case.

The most negative thing is without a doubt its prices, since it is an expensive equipment compared to what we are used to seeing in the PC market. Its technical characteristics and the exclusivity of the format are what allow it, since there are very few alternatives with a similar configuration.

As for the distribution of the HP Z1 in the market, the brand has told us that it is a team that is produced almost to measure and, therefore, they cannot provide us with exact prices for each existing configuration. As a reference, they send us a configuration similar to the one we have tested, with a sale price of approximately 2,480 euros and which includes Intel Xeon E3-1246v3, integrated Intel HD GFX P4600 graphics, 16 GB of ECC RAM and SSD + storage. HDD (256 GB and 1 TB, respectively. To know more concretely the price that each equipment can cost, the best thing will be to ask HP directly.


Screen9.0 Design8.0 Performance9.5 Expansion possibilities6.5 Connectivity 7.0 Performance / Price 7.0

In favor

  • A large team, but aesthetically beautiful
  • In general, robustness
  • Not many professional workstations, and the HP Z1 is one of them


  • High price; by the same figures there are more powerful tower PCs
  • Expandability, while existing, is limited to HP

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