HTC Desire and Legend, first contact

As usual, HTC has not wanted to be left behind at this Mobile World Congress and has presented what will be its flagships in the coming months. In them Android appears to be the great alternative, but the truth is that the star of this presentation has been HTC Sense.

The user interface developed by the Taiwanese manufacturer is imposed on practically all its terminals, making them, at least in appearance, practically clone each other in the section on software. This also has its advantages, since moving from one operating system to another does not imply too high a learning process.

First we have gone for it HTC Desire, the star ship of novelties. This is the version of HTC Nexus One from Google, a phone that we have already been watching on video. The most significant changes compared to this are the replacement of the trackball for trackpad optical, incorporating physical buttons and HTC Sense.

For me, the most interesting are the physical buttons, because those of the Nexus One are of the tactile type and we will not always hit with their press. On the other hand, the physical buttons are much more precise and effective and do not present problems for their use. Of the trackpad optician we had more doubts.

Fortunately, these are cleared with its use, since the truth is that it is really comfortable and we will not miss the ball at all. This optical sensor is precise and easy to handle, making it suitable for moving around menus and different screens.

For the rest, we can say little about this phone that has not been said about the Nexus One. Obviously, it will be one of the most powerful terminals with Android when it reaches the market, but it will have to be seen what its price will be and how it will compete with the model of Google.

We then went on to marvel at the HTC Legend, which we could say is the son of the Hero. But a son who far surpasses his father thanks to a manufacturing system that surely sounds like a Macbook to us. And is that the body is made of a single-block aluminum part, which makes it extremely resistant.

In fact, we have been able to see how the boys of HTC They were banging it on the table without it being a problem for the phone. This model also incorporates a trackpad optical instead of the ball, being just as interesting as in Desire.

As for the use, you just have to name HTC Sense. Therefore, this use will be practically identical to that of other models equipped with this interface, something that for some will be a drawback and for others an advantage, I am in the group of the latter, as I think it brings good improvements to the "bare" Android , which sincerely begins to become a little repetitive after seeing it so much.

If you add new features to this interface like doing pinch to see a kind of Exposé With the different open screens or the social application that allows us to see all the news from our contacts on Twitter, Facebook, ... we find a model that will be sold as mushrooms in the coming months.

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