HTC HD Mini and HTC Smart, first contact

The Desire and Legend that we "have been testing": https: // were not the only news from HTC that we have had the opportunity to touch at the Mobile World Congress. The other novelty, the HTC HD Mini and an old acquaintance, the HTC Smart They were also there.

HTC has always been one of the great drivers of Windows Mobile phones and the recently introduced version 6.5.3 could not help but have its own place at the fair thanks to a terminal of this brand. Of course, the name of HTC HD Mini Ironically, it comes a little big.

If we have immediately thought of a reduced version of the "HTC HD2": https: // when we have known the presentation of this model, the truth is that its specifications differ so much that we would not classify it as such, but rather of a brother not too far from the Diamond.

And the label of HD is more than bulky when it comes with a screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Nor is the processor like that of HD2, which operates at 1 GHz, but in this case we are left with 600 MHz, despite which the performance has turned out to be nothing bad.

As we mentioned previously, the interface HTC Sense is the great protagonist of all this string of launches. So much so that, if we get confused, it is difficult to know the vast majority of the time what is the operating system that runs behind that interface.

And there if we can match it with HD2. The interface offers us as many options (or even more) as the largest of HTC phones, with access to multiple functions, email, Twitter, ... Hopefully, the HTC HD Mini It has a much lower price than that, which will make it sell much better.

And we jump to the most "extravagant" model that HTC has in its stand. And we classify it as such because HTC has always counted among its ranks with smartphones, but the HTC Smart only has part of the name. This terminal is based on the BREW operating system and offers much less capabilities than its older brothers.

In fact, we could classify it as a phone focused on the general public, those who are not looking for a terminal with multiple options, thousands of available applications, ... but who do want a phone to call, connect to the Internet, read mail ,. ..

All these possibilities are easy to realize thanks, again, to that interface HTC Sense which is also included in this model. Although most of the readers of Xataka are probably not the target audience for such a model, it is the ideal candidate to appear in the operator's catalogs at zero euros accompanied by a flat data rate.

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