HTC HD2, we've tested it

The HTC HD2 that we already offered you a tour of its HTC Sense interface, has left us quite impressed in our in-depth test.

Being a terminal with a huge capacitive screen is not the most remarkable thing about this equipment. Its interface HTC Sense has seemed to us a priceless effort on the part of HTC so that in the end, Windows Mobile in reality we have practically nothing left. Enroll HTC for this look again.

HTC HD2, display, screen, display ....

The first thing we see when unpacking the HTC HD2 is its huge screen. It is the protagonist of all eyes in conjunction with the attractive and quite fluid HTC Sense interface.

We pause briefly to praise the packaging of the latest HTC phones, very compact and simple but functional.

The screen of this HTC HD2 is quite generous in size. They are 4.3 inches capacitive that generally responds correctly. Only when we zoom and similar effects does it stay somewhat hooked. The response in the form of vibration when handling it (haptic technology) is also well resolved.

As for the image quality displayed on the screen, it is very high, with a brightness sensor included.

That screen size is both virtue and defect in the terminal. For multimedia or web browsing it is highly appreciated that it has those generous dimensions, but when it comes to working as a regular phone, it is when we can remember those extra inches. The HTC HD2 is therefore closer to the idea of ​​a tablet to navigate than the phone with which to carry daily. And be careful, because the weight (160 grams) and thickness are very successful, so we mainly complain about the overall size of the team.

The controls and overall finish of the terminal is very good, and the feeling in touch with the HTC HD2 is that of a high-end terminal. The touch is magnificent and we liked the slightly curved shape of its shape.

From its physical controls we see in negative the situation of the headphone port, which is a 3.5 mm jack but it comes at the bottom, not the top, where we like it the most. For the rest, these controls are sufficient and of very good quality, like the rest of the terminal.

We also don't like the camera protruding from the profile on the back. It breaks a great continuity and is annoying. We also don't understand that you don't have the option of covering the lens with a cap.

Already in terms of autonomy, we have ended up very happy with it. A non-intensive use of the terminal allows us to use it one day without problem, using push mail all the time. In general there is autonomy to be a telephone for daily use, always remembering to recharge it at night so that it is ready for the hard work the next day.

HTC Sense, a great effort with enormous results

If we are not told that this HTC HD2 comes with Windows Mobile as the main operating system, it would be necessary to search very deeply to find out. There would even be people who would never be able to find out until the start button was hidden. We do realize where we are when we work with the file explorer, for example. Hopefully the future Windows Mobile 7 improves this aspect.

Also, if when talking about Windows you think about the possibility that the terminal is blocked, it has not happened to us in all the intense testing. Yes it is true that when unlocking the screen we have suffered problems, but associated with the test terminal.

HTC has gone from just managing contacts, email and a weather widget to controlling almost 90% of everything we can do with a mobile phone. Even the Twitter client, called Peep, is a major achievement.

The screen of the HTC HD2 is not just a showcase. It really takes advantage of having a lot of information at a glance, both on the main screen and in the secondary ones, where we find applications for the weather, the stock market, browser, music and a long etcetera.

We have been very satisfied with the operation of HTC Sense, with details such as updating the weather widget with the help of our GPS position, an aspect that HTC also incorporates in Android.

Does HTC Sense work well with the capacitive screen? Yes, and the 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor helps. The result brings the performance of the set very close to the iPhone's touch experience, but it is still inferior.

HTC HD2, with a lot of social integration

With Twitter and Facebook on everyone's lips, a terminal with aspirations of a total communicator could not ignore social networks. Thus, both the Twitter client that comes as standard and the options for sharing content on networks like Facebook we liked, although the latest versions of Android improve it.

The inches of the screen and the large virtual keyboard do the rest so that we can communicate with total comfort.

A screen as large as the HTC HD2 and with good data connectivity and WiFi, is best exploited with a browser that supports flash. And in this terminal we have two options: Internet Explorer and Opera.

Although Microsoft's mobile browser has greatly improved, we are left with the experience of using Opera, although the iPhone also prevails in this field.

Acceptable photo camera and good media player

Although it is not a strong point, the camera of the HTC HD2 meets more or less on average than we can expect in a terminal of the brand.

Taking photos is fast, there are options with which to work, although not as many as in other terminals. The result, if there is good light, is passable to upload online or have on social networks.

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A detail is that with a lot of light it behaves quite well, although we notice in those cases a loss of color. The only case where too much light doesn't sit well with you is to use the powerful dual flash that more than meets the eye in low light but burns the image when used with people or objects very close by.

We do not like that the taking of photos occurs with a control on the touch screen, because if already the cameras of mobile phones in themselves are not a very fast response, it is to be lucky to not have a physical control for taking photos.

On the subject of sound, when we call or receive calls, the clarity and volume is correct, and although we do not like it at all, using external speakers is not a bad idea because the sound they offer is bearable.

And with that big screen, video playback is a pleasant experience, although it is not its main virtue. Yes it is the use of GPS, which with commercial software such as the CoPilot that we were able to test, has little to envy to an exclusive GPS.

Xataka's opinion

It is not a phone for everyone. So we can describe the HTC HD2. And it is that the overall size of the team places it in bags and backpacks rather than in pockets. And that does not like many users.

For those who screen size is a virtue and not a discomfort, the HTC HD2 will leave you very satisfied thanks to the good performance of the combination of processor and capacitive screen. But without a doubt, the great success of HTC with this HD2 is having achieved an almost perfect mutation of Windows Mobile 6.5, turning it into HTC Sense, a top layer that reconciles us with phones that are not Android or iPhone OS in terms of interface and ease of operation.

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