HTC HD2, a walk through its interface

What a feeling you have when you hold the new HTC HD2 in your hand. Being faced with something more important than a mobile phone is intense, mainly because of its huge 4.3-inch screen and capacitive type that works very well. Despite its size, the thickness is very contained (11 mm) and does not bother to take it with us, although it lacks the comfort of other manageable HTC terminals such as the Magic.

Returning to the HTC HD2, it is a Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone but with a thick (important) layer that covers it almost entirely. HTC does a tremendous job with HTC Sense.

To open your mouth, we leave you with this video where you can see how is the interface of this HTC HD2, which moves with the fluidity that the 1 Ghz processor gives it.

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