HTC Hero

HTC Hero is the new Android touch phone. And although it is not loaded with new features in the specifications section, because at the moment it is complicated, it does bring us an important detail that we like a priori: HTC Sense, a top layer that improves the Android operating system with applets and a new interface. A coating anti-dirt and the browser with flash support are other key points.

The HTC Hero again bets on the touch screen and a few physical controls. Powerfully attracts attention the exclusive search buttonNow we will see that it enhances the handling of the phone.

HTC Hero features

With a design similar to a couple of models HTC Currently, the Hero has a 3.2-inch touch screen with a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels. It is not a screen AMOLED, the size is contained and the resolution is the usual one, so you have not wanted to risk in that field. They have innovated in the use of Teflon as a material that covers the screen so that the dirt stays away from the HTC Hero. We see that there are already several manufacturers who are concerned that touch screens keep looking good as long as possible.

Connectivity is also maintained at HSPA and WiFi, in addition to bluetooth. The processor, a 528 MHz Qualcomm and the 288 MB of RAM they remain the same as previous models. He HTC Hero comes with A-GPS, compass and tilt sensor. The microSD card slot is not lacking either, since the internal memory is testimonial, specifically 512 MB.

The dimensions of the HTC Hero are 112 × 56.2 × 14.35 mm, weighing 135 grams. With various physical controls, you have not forgotten the trackball that makes it easy to move around the interface without using the touch screen.

The camera does improve in the HTC Hero, because it raises its resolution to 5 megapixels with autofocus, although they have left aside the flash again. It also comes with a battery of more autonomy (1350 mAh) and 3.5mm headphone output, a point that may seem obvious but is for many something important. Despite including this connection, the connector has not been ignored HTC ExtUSB.

Playing files on the HTC Hero is less of a problem with the expansion of supported formats, among which we find MP3, AAC, WAV, MIDI and WMA9 for audio and MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, and WMV9 on video.

As we see all these data make the HTC Hero a very complete phone, in line with what we all seek. But the browser with flash support is undoubtedly the winning point of the terminal. The collaboration with Adobe we already know how it has been reflected.

HTC Sense, Android improved

HTC has wanted to improve the Android interface giving it the spectacularity and efficiency that they had already demonstrated with its TouchFlo interface on Windows Mobile. Its version for Android is called HTC Sense and Hero will be the first terminal to incorporate it.

HTC Sense makes use of the applets on the desktop to personalize and bring Android to life. HTC not only has personalized services and settings of the phone but has dared with widely used applications such as Twitter or photos.

Local searches are another pillar of the HTC Hero and HTC Sense, because in fact the phone has an exclusive button that will let us search for information in all the content of the phone, from calls and photos to emails or profile updates of our contacts.

As for Scenes, it is an improvement of the profile system, with which we can define the operation of the terminal depending on what we are doing.

If you think, now nothing better than to take a video look at this new HTC Hero with the Sense interface:

Price and departure date of HTC Hero

He HTC Hero plans to leave Europe in July, it is not yet known with which company. The price has not been disclosed at the moment either.

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