HTC Legend with Vodafone, all the data, prices and rates

We already knew that Vodafone had acquired most of the greats of HTC. He HTC Legend named successor to the successful and balanced HTC Hero has been the first to hit the market. We tell you all the information that Vodafone has offered a few minutes ago in the presentation of the HTC Legend in Spain.

The market date of the HTC Legend is April 1, and will be available from € 0 with portability and a monthly commitment of more than € 70. The most affordable rate for the consumer has a data plan of 15 euros per month (it is the same for all the rates with which we can take the HTC Legend) and 9 euros of voice, which adds up to a total of 24 euros of consumption. With that commitment, the price of the terminal with portability is 150 euros, 100 euros more if it is a new registration. As we can see, once again promoting the transfer of customers between operators.

Rates of HTC Legend with Vodafone

If we take advantage of a voice plan with consumption of 20 euros that with the 15 data makes a total of 35 euros, the HTC Legend will cost us with portability only 49 euros. Obviously we can also acquire it with the points program.

The Vodafone internet rate with which the HTC Hero is Internet Plus, with a 6-month stay and the first free. The permanence of voice remains in the classics and excessive for these time, 18 months.

Vodafone exclusivity with this HTC Legend will be only until the end of summer.

HTC Legend with Android 2.1 and HTC Sense

Vodafone and HTC, corroborating the good relationship with Google, launches the HTC Legend in Spain with the latest version of Android, 2.1, but also with the custom interface HTC Know that we like it so much and that it is one of the best contributions of HTC to personalization of mobile phones.

This version of HTC Sense comes with something new, few but interesting. Integration with social networks has been further enhanced, and we can select what we want to see from them and what not.

HTC Legend adopts multi-touch technology without complexes and gestures can be used for more than just zooming. It will come with a 16GB microSD card, all good news.

As for the Vodafone 360 ​​degree system that the consumer was so concerned about, only the MiWeb service will come.

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