HTC Legend, a phone to teach everyone

The most outstanding terminal at the media level of HTC for this first half of the year is the HTC Legend. It is a great phone, evolution of HTC Hero but he is left alone in that: a beautiful body without much novelty inside.

We are not indicating that it is not a complete phone, since the HTC Legend carries practically everything a consumer can ask for, but we keep seeing the same recipe repeated and no one seems to want to revolutionize this a bit. You hear about a new terminal and it is very difficult to go wrong on the spec sheet even without reading it.

So the HTC Legend is going to be one of the best, if not the most, beautiful phone that we can find right now in the market. Its aluminum body attracts attention and with Android as the heart, the result is that of the new Mister Beauty 2010 from the terminals. And that guarantees you to be highly desired. And if it also guarantees us to function more than correctly, sales success.

But we want something more.

HTC Legend, heir who maintains all his virtues

HTC has decided to continue its successful HTC Hero and he has done it with the HTC Legend, a team that retains its spirit but tackles necessary improvements and that are already present in some of its rivals.

The screen, that dark object of desire nowadays, it gets better by putting a panel on it AMOLED 3.2 inch. Its resolution is 320 × 480 pixels, capacitive and multi-touch. The minimum that we are going to need today. The Hero control ball has been replaced by the optical trackpad that seems to be becoming fashionable.

The processor remains at about 600 Mhz, which is sufficient for most consumers, leaving it as a second-line power unit. As for the camera, it is the one you are placing HTC in all its terminals: 5 megapixels with autofocus and flash. The battery remains at 1300 mAh.

In the field of connectivity we also find what is expected: Gps, WiFi and Bluetooth. And the operating system will be Android 2.1 with the interface HTC I know that so much personality gives the team.

Like the others HTC presented today, the HTC Legend goes on sale in the spring and in Spain Vodafone will be one of the operators that offers it, although we expect it with more operators because from HTC admit that they have taken it from their hands.

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