HTC Leo, new data confirming the expected and an unofficial image

He HTC Leo already appeared a couple of weeks ago by Xataka. It was in that entry in which we were commenting on the first data of what will be one of the new mobiles of HTC in the coming months.

To the information that we already commented on the HTC Now I have to comment on some additional points: for example, the 4.3-inch, touch and capacitive screen would have a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels, surely the highest on a mobile phone. They also comment from HTCPedia that the Leo would have an 8-megapixel camera, instead of the 5 we discussed earlier. Autofocus is maintained, though nothing is said about a possible built-in flash.

At HTCpedia they have received the photograph you see above by someone who claims to be true. It does not seem to have a keyboard (although there is doubt as to whether it will be slider or not), with which it seems clear what will be its use: virtual keyboard, integrated into the operating system, and with it totally oriented to be used with the fingers. Also, the capacitive screen will help it.

It looks like an iPhone terminal, although the HTC Leo will use the new Windows Mobile 6.5 system It will also be very powerful, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz microprocessor, although unfortunately I doubt that it will have the quality and efficiency that we saw yesterday in the Zune HD.

Anyway, HTC has not confirmed anything yet and all this information is in the air. Will there be new terminals HTC in the coming months? Surely yes. Can the image be real and belonging to the Leo? Despite the low quality, HTC It does not yet have any such large and powerful phone on the market and it is quite possible that the Leo is the first to belong to that ultra-high range.

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