HTC Magic, Android with Vodafone

If Telefónica has its HTC Dream, Vodafone could bring to Spain the HTC Magic, the second generation of terminals with Android. This operating system is being one of the great protagonists of the first half day of MWC from Barcelona.

He HTC Magic has not been announced today by the brand. HTC, but since Vodafone has its presentation to the media tomorrow, it could be the case that it was time for the official presentation. And if it happens, there will be a nice fight in which HTC and Android will be the winners for sure.

Going back to HTC Magic, if the rumors are fulfilled, that at this point in the fair must be almost true, it would be an Android phone, and that it would come with connectivity HSPA (like the rest of the day's presentations practically), with WiFi and Gps. The camera would reach 3.2 megapixels, although incomprehensibly without a flash.

The same number will be used for the screen size, which stands at 3.2 inches, all touch. The physical keyboard seems to have been ignored and I personally like the design much more than the first version, which is not very complicated to get seen the previous model.

As they comment in Xatakamóvil, the absence of a physical keyboard would lead to an Android update known as CupCake to provide better manageability to a terminal without physical controls.

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