HTC Magic

Android is definitely here to stay, and in Spain, in the absence of one, we already have two phones with this operating system sponsored by Google. He HTC Magic is the one that will bring Vodafone in April.

He HTC Magic centers its Magic in the operating system and the user experience that it is supposed to provide us using it as a computer to access the Internet in mobility. The physical keyboard has also been left out and everything is done through the touch screen that seems to respond well. The design has also been greatly improved, although it is not exactly a small or thin phone.

HTC Magic, the Android phone

He HTC Magic with Android would not have caused such a stir without that operating system. There are terminals equal to or more complete than him, but right now there are few that have the google operating system inside. Cast strip much.

The strong point of the operating system is the Mobile Internet browsing experience, in addition to the possibilities of customization and availability of programs that we will find little by little in the Android Market store. In addition, the support of Google and what the company will take care of its applications on this phone increases the grade of the HTC Magic.

Specifications of the HTC Magic

The specifications of the HTC Magic are at the average of a quality smartphone worth its salt today. The design is still improvable, but the change from the previous model, the HTC Dream is substantial. It has helped a lot that the physical keyboard has been neglected. Now, the operating base of the HTC Magic is its 3.2-inch capacitive-type touchscreen. We hardly find any physical buttons in its design. The most important is the trackball, in the style of the Blackberry.

The size of the phone is 113 × 55.5 × 13.6 mm, weighing 116 grams. The screen resolution of the HTC Magic is 480 × 320 pixels, enough for web applications. Multimedia is not the team's strong point, although it easily reproduces the most common files. Of course, there is no internal memory despite its thickness, and it has opted for storage based on microSD cards.

The connectivity of the HTC Magic had to be the best on the market (not in vain to access the Internet will be its fate). Thus, it is a HSDPA (up to 7.2 Mbps) and WiFi equipment. There is also no missing A2DP stereo bluetooth.

GPS was another chip that this phone had to carry and it has not disappointed us. With Google thinking a lot about positioning and local searches, we expected nothing less.

The photo camera is another of the highlights of this phone HTC with Android. The resolution of it is 3.2 megapixels, with autofocus but without flash.

With these specifications, the autonomy offered by its 1,400 mAh battery will be decisive.

HTC Magic, videos of its operation

At Xataka we have already analyzed and tested the HTC Magic. We leave you with the two parts of the video analysis:

HTC Magic, price and launch date

He HTC Magic has been exclusively achieved by Vodafone in Spain. The launch date is scheduled for April, with prices between 19 and 199 euros, depending on the data plan that we use.

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