HTC is emboldened and wants to fly alone, with how well it is doing now

Why would i want HTC Put aside what has given you fame and money and launch into the adventure of having your own operating system? The real reasons will surely never be known, but their idea is not to depend on third parties in order to provide news or advances to their phones. It makes sense but they must assume that leading the development of the system is not the same as dealing only with the hardware part and a surface layer.

With Palm for sale, the possibility that they will be the ones to buy it and continue with the development of WebOS in their terminals is real. They could even finish giving real shape to their successful interface HTC Know that they have applied so successfully first on computers with Windows Mobile and later with Android.

The success of brands that develop their own operating systems, such as RIM and Apple encourages them to take that step, but on the other hand HTC It has always been a good companion of Microsoft and now of Google with Android. That should be his bet, as has been demonstrated with Motorola, for example, that thanks to Android he has been able to return to the first scene media and sales and now you just have to focus on developing terminals and improving your personal layers for Android.

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