HTC Tattoo, Android in small dimensions approves on the first contact

HTC has brought to its Tattoo model the idea that it makes sense to create more affordable terminals with lower specifications but with all the functionality of its older brothers. The HTC Tattoo is the clearest example of what we are talking about: an Android terminal with a smaller screen, of a resistive rather than a capacitive type and which leaves the Android operating system in its version 1.6 available to more users. along with the HTC Sense interface.

At Xatakamóvil they are testing the HTC Tattoo, and the first impressions they give us are quite good. Despite being a lower-end terminal than other models with Android, the finish of the phone is good, as well as the pad that replaces the ball so comfortable of his older brothers.

The size of the terminal, very compact, is another interesting value of this equipment, which moves Android fluently and presents itself as one of the best models to enter this operating system.

At Xatakamóvil | HTC Tattoo, analysis (first part).

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