HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2: our impressions

Although at the press conference that HTC held during the first day of the Mobile World Congress many expected that they would show us new terminals with Android, this did not happen, but only the updates of two of its best-known terminals were presented.

Its about HTC Touch Diamond2 and the HTC Touch Pro2 (note that, in both cases, the suffix and the accompanying 2 go together, things from the marketing departments, I imagine) that increase the size of the screen compared to previous versions and include some new features in the section on software.

HTC Touch Diamond2

As for the Diamond2 we could define it as a HTC Touch HD in a more compact size. While the TouchFlo3D interface is maintained, it highlights the addition of a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

This allows us to take advantage of the functionality included in the new Internet Explorer that comes installed on the phone to quickly zoom in on the web pages that we are browsing. This replaces the control wheel that was previously incorporated and that allowed you to zoom in on Opera by turning your finger on it.

It is a characteristic shared with the Pro2, from which it differs by not having a physical keyboard. The virtual that integrates has improved compared to the previous version, especially due to the increase in screen size that makes its handling much more comfortable.

Strangely, and despite continuing to keep the Diamond in its name, the rear has removed the diamond-like design that characterized it and is now flat.

HTC Touch Pro2

The Pro2 is focused almost exclusively on professional users. The clearest example of this is the incorporation of a hands-free conference system at the rear of the terminal. But it is not the only change from the first version.

And it is that in the HTC Touch Pro2 the keyboard is not simply sliding, as in the previous case, but we can also tilt the screen to work more comfortably on a table. In this aspect it reminds us of the N97, although here we have two different positions.

One is by removing the keyboard, which works like the previous model, and the other by tilting the screen. Therefore, we do not go directly to closed to inclined, but we must make an additional movement. It is not the most comfortable we have tried, requiring some force, but it works.

The keyboard has also been improved compared to the previous version, since here the keys are separated and are more comfortable to type.

Therefore, we have two models that do not represent a real leap, as the original Diamond was once, but with that larger screen size and new features are as or more interesting than the first.

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