HTC Touch2 is advertised as a Windows Phone

After the announcement that the "Windows Phones will arrive on October 6": https: // October, the first manufacturer that has rushed to present a model that will come equipped with this operating system has been HTC, which has unveiled the HTC Touch2.

This phone, of which they have barely offered any specifications, continues in the design line of its Touch range, especially that of the "Touch HD": https: //, with a screen touch and HTC's own modifications to the interface, that is, TouchFLO.

Taking into account that they do not talk about TouchFLO 3D, it could be a lower-end model than other terminals that have already presented, such as the "Diamond2": https: // 2, although from this it inherits the zoom bar located under the screen.

He HTC Touch2 It will come factory equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, with all that this implies: the application store, the new Internet Explorer browser with Flash support, My Phone, ... to which are added additional applications such as Google Maps or the viewer YouTube videos.

Like the operating system on which it works, it has been announced for October 6, although it will be during this last quarter when it will begin its distribution in Europe.

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