HTC Touch.B could arrive as an entry model

HTC does not stop growing in the range of terminals, most in the upper-middle range. It became strong with Windows Mobile and without abandoning Microsoft (with equipment as complete as the HTC HD2) it stands as one of the main, if not the most, stronghold of Android.

The HTC Touch.B, known as HTC Roma, is the next example that we could see soon. This terminal is proposed in the style of the HTC Tattoo, that is, a terminal similar to a superior model but that will have some lower specification and a more affordable price.

Little more than the photos is known right now of this HTC Touch.B, but by the name and design similar to the HTC Touch2 we can get some data that will come close to its final specifications.

The screen could be a 2.8-inch, tactile of course, with a 3.2 megapixel camera. The difference is found in the operating system, which could be BrewMP, a very basic Qualcomm system with an interface similar to TouchFLO.

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