Huawei will enter the market with an Android phone

What you see in the image on the right may be the first Android phone from the hyperactive manufacturer Huawei, which goes from being a leader in USB modems (it is known in Spain mainly for that reason) to announcing at MWC 2009 that it goes to Android phone manufacturing. And with Symbian too.

What can Huawei offer us in the world of telephony by joining Android? Well, it is expected that by the middle of the year we will have a complete low-cost phone on the market that works with Android and that does not come out under the manufacturer's initials but with the logo of different operators that reach an agreement with the Chinese manufacturer.

Also, it appears that the development of the phone will be entirely a matter for Huawei, which is already working with a consultancy to develop a robust and easy-to-use interface for your Android phone.

Huawei partnered with a consultancy to develop a robust and user-friendly interface, creating a good user experience that allows it to evolve with the requirements of the operators.

Phandroid image. More information | Huawei.

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