Huawei U8800, the first mobile phone with HSPA + connection will arrive this year

HSPA +, a new connectivity that is barely implanted in the market, although in the future it will be the one that we will all use anywhere in the world. Curiously today we have attended a Vodafone presentation where something has been said for Spain, and in this sense the Huawei U8800 is innovative in integrating HSPA + connectivity.

According to its manufacturer, the first mobile phone on the market to do so. This connectivity will allow us to have downloads of up to 14 Mbps in our terminal, of course as long as the conditions are in our favor and the area where we are offers adequate coverage. But the Huawei U8800 is not just a terminal with good connectivity, it will also have a good string of specifications.

Among them, highlight the 3.8-inch touch screen and the new version 2.1 of the Android system, possibly the main attraction of the entire fair this year. On availability, we are talking about summer 2010 for prices still unknown

Huawei bets on Android at MWC

Along with the U8800, Huawei has also presented other mobiles whose common denominated is Android.

The first of them, the Huawei U8300 bets on the Internet and interaction with social networks thanks to its keyboard QWERTY full physical. Of course we will have it with Android (version not yet specified) and it will have a hardware far from the most powerful devices, but not for that reason interesting for the general public.

The bad thing is that being such a specific terminal, the Internet connection will be essential to get the best out of it. It will be available in three colors - yellow, green and purple - for a price not yet specified, but it is low enough to interest the younger audience. It reminds me of Peek devices.

The other terminal is really two but with very similar characteristics, except for a small change in design. The Huawei U8100 and U8110 are born as cheap Android terminals, with basic but interesting specifications for the average user.

We will find 2.8-inch touch screens, a front and a rear camera (0.3 and 3.2 megapixels respectively) and WiFi. Little to note that it does not exist anymore, although Huawei precisely claims that: an Android mobile phone with few new features and where what stands out will be the price. It will be available from the second quarter of the year.

More information | Huawei.

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