Hugms, give a hug with the mobile phone at a distance

How do you send a hug to someone through the mobile ?. How do you indicate the intensity? A big hug, a super hug, just a hug ...

Hugms comes to fill that void in a curious way. It does this through a device that transmits via text message, the intensity with which you hug the Hugms.

Thus, you connect the Hugms to the mobile phone via bluetooth, and you indicate the phone number of the person you want to hug virtually. Then you squeeze the Hugms and it changes color according to the intensity and automatically writes a text message, the longer the greater the intensity of the hug:


That word is the one that your partner will receive, which will be able to see the color of the hug in their Hugms if they have one.

To answer you, it will be enough for me to return the message or if you have another Hugms, it corresponds to you with another hunch that you will receive on your device.

More information | Mobjects.

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