Picture of the week: iPhone lost by Apple

After the first few minutes of surprise, I admit that I did not believe it. An iPhone lost in a bar and ended up in the hands of a Gizmodo editor seems more like an argument from a movie series B than something serious. But it seems that it has indeed been so, and the iPhone 4G that we have talked about this week must be a totally real model. More information about the comic in Applesfera and in XatakaMovil, and today is our image of the week.

It has been a historic moment. Apple, which has always been known for keeping its projects and prototypes with maximum security, this time has been unable to do more than block it within a few hours of one of its engineers, Gray Powell, I left it at the bar of a California bar. A prototype protected with a simple detachable case that hid a unique product that in the future will give pages, pages and more pages of readings to thousands of users.

It is also the first time that a prototype from Apple's people has been so clearly filtered. Until now everything was assumptions, images of very poor resolution, designs, renders and, ultimately, unclear or not at all clear products. This was the first and for now the only time a new product has been seen so clearly. Or at least a prototype, as the final device is likely to change its appearance and design, even more after the revelation made by Gizmodo this week.

What the future holds for us seems more or less clear: a new terminal for the months of June or July, with high-end device characteristics, notably better than the 3GS, better battery and of course the new firmware. However, there are many questions that are currently in the air, and predictably will be forever: what will be Apple's policy regarding the use of prototypes by its workers? How will the leak have affected the new product, seeing the impact it has had on the media that has published it, many of them unspecialized? And finally, how will all this affect Apple as a company?

In Xataka | Manzana.

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