iPad Pro 9.7 after a month of use: comforting return to the comfort of a tablet

Apple made a somewhat unexpected turn when announcing the iPad Pro, a tablet that lost much of the spirit of the original iPad by going to a large diagonal that did so, beyond power or technical possibilities, less suitable in terms of comfort of use for a good number of users.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro returns to the path of a device that is firstly comfortable to handle while including some new features that we have reviewed during our month of use in order to complete the full review of the iPad Pro 9.7 . Has it been worth waiting almost two years to see a new iPad in the most popular format for a tablet? Let's see it.

9.7-inch tablet is more balanced

When I tried the iPad Pro, I had no doubts that, in a work environment that aspires to be more serious (although limited by talking about iOS) or purely multimedia, that almost 13-inch screen offered an unmatched experience but where alternatives such as Surface Microsoft Pro took advantage of it. The iPad Pro was an impressive tablet for screen and performance but it accused an excessive size when we tried to give it real value as a tablet, mainly in one-handed operation or in mobility.

The iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch screen returned to the path of the most classic format and in my opinion practical for a tablet. In this month of use I have been able to use a tablet on the sofa to check email or gossip on social networks, as well as taking it from one place to another in a discreet way and without everyone looking at me. But there have been no new developments at the design level and it is no longer the thinnest or lightest tablet in its category. For convenience to work with just one less despite its diagonal there are better solutions on the market.

With bluetooth keyboard, WiFi and screen at more than 50%, we have been able to chain work sessions of maximum 6 hours

The positive counterpart is found in the battery. In this month of use we have been combining two of the most common uses of this iPad model, but we have always tried to use it intensively. In video playback the consumption is really reduced and on days when we have managed the iPad for about 2 hours of video and another hour of mail / social networks / web browsing, we have not had to charge the iPad in about 3 days. What does take a long time, as we saw, is that recharge, something I do not recommend doing on a computer. Better connect it to a PC just to sync content, but for charging, use Apple's standard charger.

In more productive uses, the work sessions with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro leave us with a range not as fantastic as Apple paints. With a connected bluetooth keyboard, WiFi and a screen at 60% brightness, we have been able to work for up to 6 hours, yes, continuously.

At the specification level, the main difference (regardless of the screen) between the two iPad Pro is in RAM.The 9.7-inch model reduces that memory from 4 to 2 GB, something that in all this month of use we have been able to appreciate. In the day to day there are no delays or waits but it is true that when we want to resort to the split screen and move smoothly between applications, I do feel that there is less immediacy in the actions than what I experienced in the after one month of use with the iPad Pro with 4 GB of RAM.

Screen and camera: more than meets the eye

Beyond design or power, the true value of a tablet is found on its screen. The one on this 9.7-inch iPad Pro is spectacular in brightness and quality. It has more than enough resolution but in this month of use the most striking has been how it has behaved outdoors. Even with sunlight shining directly on your screen, visibility is perfect, with almost no reflections. There is no problem in being able to use it in any type of environment. I was also convinced by the adaptation system of intensity and color temperature to ambient light. The comparison with previous screens is remarkable.

Something that you should take into account with this iPad Pro 9.7 if you plan to use it a lot as the main computer (here the quality of the applications helps a lot, starting with the adaptation of the office suite to the iPad that we think is magnificent and in fact Apple does not seem very interested in improving their own applications) is that for many tasks I feel much better with the almost 13-inch model, logical, but in the end you lose enough portability for other more classic uses. Choosing the ideal format is difficult, but I think that after this month of use with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, this format seems more balanced and versatile. But do not forget that the iPad 9.7 screen is comfortable to work with a single application at the same time or on a split screen, but not for long.

The 9.7-inch format is no longer as suitable for split-screen use. It is worth occasionally but it is not feasible to continue working in this way having the iPad Pro option of more diagonal

New to the screen on this 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the arrival of support for Apple's pen technology. Not being a cartoonist, one might think that it is a spare accessory but the reality is that I have used it more than I did on the 12.9-inch iPad. Being smaller, this iPad allowed me to take notes more comfortably, drawing some ideas for my work into sketches and diagrams, and using text recognition applications to hand-write those notes to editable documents. The operation has been very good, both for precision and for comfort, being able to rest your hand on the screen without any problem. But the size of the pencil, very long and slippery, has been a small nightmare, and we continue to miss a fixed place where we have the possibility of storing it safely.

The big surprise that I got with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro camera is that I used it. Until now I had not happened with any tablet, and I have tried a few. The camera was wasted in the after a month of use not for its quality but for the little sense that it had. With the 9.7-inch iPad Pro it is not that I have taken and launched myself with it as the main camera, but almost.

The image quality that can be obtained with the camera of this iPad is identical to that of a next-generation iPhone. You have to tune with the grip and try to maintain stability, but you get excellent images that I later used for "to play"with the very good image editing programs that exist in iOS. Before I did it on the iPhone but thanks to the iPad Pro I was able to go further. If I had both a smartphone and the iPad Pro in my backpack, and it was not a photograph point and shoot quickly, I took my time, took out the iPad and took the photo and then review, edit and upload it to my social networks from the tablet.

I've also seen myself using much more than I thought video recording. Here the tablet format is more practical due to the larger screen and a grip that gives more stability. Then the same thing happened to us: by power, screen and available applications, it has been very interesting this month of use to be able to edit videos directly on the iPad and share them without intermediaries.

On a more professional level, the inclusion of a quality camera such as that included in the iPad Pro opens up possibilities for mobile work where collecting images or videos on site, at certain levels, does not require an external device.

Not perfect but keyboard-case makes sense

Like its older brother, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro hit the market accompanied by a keyboard-case created exclusively for it. And I've also been testing it intensively this month.

Here my initial impressions have changed quite a bit from the review Initial, and it seems to me a pretty good choice if you want to write with the iPad. As a protection case it is not very suitable, but that neither thickness nor weight is hardly altered while wearing this Apple keyboard-case is very positive. If you use it continuously, in a short time it allows you to type with a very remarkable speed, close already after a few days of use to what I get with an external keyboard.

The great advantage of the iPad Pro 9.7 keyboard-case is that you adapt quickly, it is of quality and it does not penalize anything to always wear it. But it is expensive and with gaps like key lighting

The touch is strange but pleasant, it is easy to clean and when we do not use it it is well collected as a cover. There are improvements such as not allowing more than one typing position, or that there is no keyboard version with ñ. It is also strange that, with the price it has (169 euros), there are no more function or practical keys (volume up and down or screen brightness, even connectivity), and above all, that it is not backlit. There the third-party options have margin to take advantage, although in weight and thickness it is very successful and it seems to us a good addition even if you write little with it.

Although with the Smart Keyboard of the large iPad Pro the options of Logitech and other manufacturers, or even fully external ones, seemed better to me, here I doubt that something better or more balanced than this keyboard for the iPad will be achieved by third parties.

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