The iPhone 12 will not include the charger in the box, according to Ming-Chi Kuo

If the story continues and if there are no long delays, at the end of the year we should know the iPhone 12. Little by little, these devices have begun to be drawn based on leaks and rumors, one of the most recent being that ensures that EarPods will not be included in the box. However, it seems that it will not be the only thing that does not appear in the box of the iPhone 12, since according to Kuo, the charger will not be included either.

According to the well-known TF International analyst, Apple will not only stop including the charger in the box, but will stop manufacturing the 5W and 18W adapters. Instead, the company will begin producing a 20W charger that will be sold as a separate accessory. It will be similar to the current 18W model, that is, with USB Type C Power Delivery, but it will have to be purchased separately.

Reduce costs

As they expose in MacRumors, where they echo the predictions of Kuo, one of the reasons why Apple will stop including headphones and charger is to keep the price of the iPhone 12 at the height of the iPhone 11.

According to Kuo, the production cost of the new iPhone 12 will be higher due to the implementation of 5G, but he estimates that Apple will sell them at a price similar to the iPhone 11. Eliminate these two accessories (if the charger can be considered an accessory) would help reduce costs, even slightly.

There is another argument, which is the environmental one, although it will be necessary to see if Apple uses it. The apple company has always boasted of its sustainable philosophy, and somehow eliminating the charger and headphones could help reduce electronic waste.

On the other hand, Apple is expected to include the USB Type-C - Lightning cable, which would allow taking advantage of the stock charger of the iPhone 11 with the new iPhone 12. Kuo anticipates that Apple will also stop including the 5W charger on the iPhone SE (2020) at the end of the year, although it will continue to include the 12W in the iPad of this generation.

Finally, and reviewing the latest rumors, the iPhone 12 is expected to have a 120 Hz display with dynamic adjustment, three-magnification optical zoom and the A14 chip. In addition, the iPhone 12 line is expected to consist of four devices of different sizes, all equipped with 5G technology.

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