iPhone 3.0. in Applesfera

Good combination that Apple has planned with its new iPhone and the 3.0 operating system, which in Applesfera they have already tested. And the conclusion is clear: if you have an iPhone, put it on.

It is clear that the cut and paste option is one of the star features of the update is sad, but if you have implemented it well, we appreciate it anyway. Then there is the fact that less in some cases, it is one of those functions that one presumes that he has his phone but then does not use.

The Cut, Copy and Paste function has been well resolved in iPhone 3.0. And that increases our productivity and we can do more and better in a phone where it made more sense than others.

The complete searches have also reached the iPhone as May water, and it seems to me one of the most necessary. In this version you can search for everything. And works.

The push notification system, despite not currently having any active, is another novelty, but it is clear that in this field, the background applications of Android win by a landslide.

The speed and smoothness of operation are other points that my Applesfera colleagues highlight in the test they have done on the iPhone 3.0. Safari also remains the king of browsers on mobile phones.

In Applesfera | Probando la versión definitiva del iPhone OS 3.0..

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