iPhone 3G S

That the name of the iPhone 3G S is practically the same as that of the existing model so far is not a coincidence, since we are not facing the next generation of Apple's mobile phone, but rather a slightly renewed model but that maintains its essence .

For this reason, we will not see external changes in the design and, if we do not look, we will not see them when turning it on, until we start diving into some of its characteristics. A year after the launch of the iPhone 3G, Apple has not wanted to leave it aside and has simply updated some of its features, enough to do so without raising the price.

iPhone 3G S, higher speed

The speed increase is the characteristic that Apple stands out the most in the model presented yesterday. In fact, the suffix S added to it comes from Speed, speed, something that is taken advantage of whenever we are using it, achieving greater speed of operation when running applications or loading web pages.

They did not want to specify what the internal changes have been, although it will surely be something that we will know soon, at least as soon as it is available and some adventurous dare to gut it, but a faster processor and more RAM are almost taken for granted.

The new model takes advantage of the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard with a compatible processor to offer better graphics and 3D acceleration to applications, although we hope that this does not affect the fact that there are games that are offered only for the iPhone 3G S.

Applications such as the browser, which has received a good series of internal changes, especially in the Javascript interpreter, allow page loading and execution to be much faster. The new model incorporates 3G connectivity also contributes to this.

iPhone 3G S, internal changes

Among the changes that are inside the iPhone 3G S we find the incorporation of a compass, which will be used in Google Maps to automatically rotate the maps and, surely, also in other navigation applications, in addition to the integrated support for Nike +.

The storage capacity doubles in the new model, becoming 16 GB and 32 GB, keeping, at least in the AT&T operator, the same prices as the previous models with half the space. We will see what policy Telefónica adopts when bringing it to Spain.

The battery is another of the points that are improved in the iPhone 3G S, increasing the autonomy in the vast majority of its functions. We talk about 12 hours of conversation in 3G mode or 5 hours in mode GSM, 5 hours of browsing by 3G or 9 in Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video playback or up to 30 hours of audio playback, with a standby autonomy of up to 277 hours.

iPhone 3G S, camera enhancements

But probably the camera is the aspect that improves the most compared to the previous model. Here they have not limited themselves to adding more resolution to the sensor, which is now 3.2 megapixels, but they incorporate a series of new functionalities related to it. Too bad they are not also implemented in updating the existing system.

The autofocus function will allow us to take better photos automatically, just like macro mode, but we always have the option to focus manually, simply by pressing on the screen to indicate where we want to focus on the photo.

White auto balance or automatic exposure are other functions that allow us to improve the quality of the result without having to worry and without thinking of more megapixels as a synonym of better quality. Many will miss the flash, but I think to add a LED, which is useless in the vast majority of cases, improving low-light performance has been a better option.

Finally, in the camera section we must also talk about video recording, another one of those options that owners of the old model will not enjoy incomprehensibly. Surely they attribute it to the need for that higher speed of the iPhone 3G S, but taking into account that with the jailbreak you could already record video in the previous version is not a valid excuse.

Videos are recorded at a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels and at 30 images per second, incorporating the option to edit these from the device itself (we are not talking about "serious" editing, but rather of being able to trim them and little else). Once edited, we can upload them to YouTube directly or send them both by email and MMS.

iPhone 3G S, accessibility improvements

Accessibility and security have been taken care of in the new terminal, with an eye on increasing the number of potential mobile customers. In this way, text-to-speech conversion has been implemented, more zoom options, the possibility of inverting colors, ... so that users with vision problems have easier use.

Coupled with this, voice control allows you to give orders to the iPhone 3G S with which to make calls, being able to dictate the phone number or say the name of the contact we want to call, or control the music, not only moving between the tracks, but also activating the Genius function or playing the music of a specific artist.

iPhone 3G S, conclusions

We repeat again, the iPhone 3G S is not the new Apple terminal, but a simple evolution of the current model and so we must judge it. The novelties in iPhone OS 3.0 are more significant than those brought by this terminal, and those will reach all models.

The iPhone 3G S will arrive in Spain from June 19, although Telefónica has not announced its pricing plan. It is expected that they maintain the same that they had until now with the previous model, although this has been reduced in the last month.

Is Apple lagging behind in the war of the smartphones? Not in my opinion. Qualifying, in my opinion all manufacturers are falling just as far behind (or just as advanced), although each fails on different grounds. Both Android and Windows Mobile as iPhone OS as WebOS as Symbian have limitations, each in a particular field (or several).

Therefore, it is impossible to say which is better in general. It is more appropriate to say which one is best for each individual user, something that each person must value. For some it will be the usability and the amount of iPhone applications, for others its limitations make it unfeasible, the power and possibility of customization of Windows Mobile or Symbian will attract more users, ... But let's judge all systems by the same scales and we will conclude that none of them offers or can offer what all users are looking for.

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