iPhone 3G S, higher speed from June 19

The name of iPhone video has not finally come to fruition, which does not mean that there is no new model of the Apple terminal. Its name is iPhone 3G S, with the S added by Speedthat is, for its speed.

It is the characteristic that most wanted to highlight the new model, the increase in speed compared to previous versions, while the external appearance does not vary compared to the current one. Which does not mean that their specifications do not, because it improves in many sections.

The speed of the processor is not the only one that increases, also that of the mobile Internet connection, which is now compatible with HSDPA at 7.2 megabits per second.

The camera is another aspect that improves, with a 3 megapixel sensor, with autofocus, autoexposure, manual focus change by pressing on the screen, automacro, low-light operation and the possibility of recording video. This is done at resolution VGA and 30 fps, being compatible with autofocus and autoexposure. The video can be sent via email, from a MMS or upload it to YouTube or MobileMe.

The next novelty of the iPhone 3G S is the voice control, which will allow you, after pressing the central button, to carry out the orders that we tell you, from calling a contact to playing music by a specific artist or asking them what is dreaming.

In section hardwareIt also includes a compass, which will take advantage of Google Maps to automatically rotate the maps, as well as integrated support for Nike +, which will not require accessories as in other Apple devices.

One of the most criticized aspects of the iPhone was the battery life, which has been improved in the iPhone 3GS, allowing up to 12 hours of conversation in GSM and 5 hours on 3G, up to 30 hours of audio playback, up to 10 hours of video or up to 9 hours of navigation through Wi-Fi.

The capabilities of the iPhone 3G S increase compared to previous models while maintaining the price, with the 16 GB model costing $ 199 and the new 32 GB costing $ 299, that at AT&T in the United States. Meanwhile, the 8GB iPhone 3G will remain on the market at a price of $ 99.

On June 19 it will be available in Spain.

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