iPhone 4G, images and specifications of the prototype of the new Apple phone

Update: iPhone 4G is a reality. All information and data.

Since we learned about it last Saturday, the guys from Engadget first, and then Gizmodo claimed that what we were seeing was really the fourth generation of the iPhone. It has been said that we were facing a prototype, and that it was far from the design lines expected for the new development of Apple, but the latest images make us think that we could be talking about the new iPhone 4G.

In the end it has been Gizmodo who has advanced in the presentation of the device, and they have discovered it in great detail, which we are going to share with you. To clear the doubts, they have gutted it and verified that it has components from the Cupertino company.

Breaking with the past in a matter of design

The design has changed significantly, the first thing that catches your eye is that it is slimmer, and it has a design that breaks with the line of the previous three generations, something necessary from my point of view. It is clear from the images that square and flat shapes have been chosen instead of the curved surfaces of previous models.

The phone feels more consistent in the hand, thanks to the metallic materials used on the edge surrounding the phone. Both on its screen and on the rear surface, the glossy for its completion, friend of the fingerprints, but very pleasing to the eye. Some of us hoped that aluminum would have been used for the rear cover, but it is possible that due to the small dimensions, and the need for good signal reception, plastic was chosen.

The end result is a phone that weighs practically the same as the 3GS model and measures 114.3 × 58.67 × 9.40 mm, considerably smaller than the current model at 115.5 × 62.1 mm x 12.3 mm. It seems clear that significant miniaturization work has been done on the components.

Important new features in the specifications

We are not surprised by most of the novelties, having checked them in the anticipation that we had on Saturday, such as that it presents a front camera for video calls, and that the camera has improved (we are not informed of megapixels) both in the lens and sensor, as in the presence of Flash.

The next detail that we did not expect, but that some guessed thanks to its use on the iPad is the use of a Micro-SIM card instead of a SIM conventional. It seems that Apple is going to renew the system to many operators, and it is also one of the proofs that this development is the new iPhone, I am sure that no other company would dare to include this solution.

It is known that the screen has much more resolution than current models, some bet that the figure of 960 × 640 pixels will be met. It is curious that the size of it seems to be a little smaller than the 3.5 inches that we currently have.

Let's go with the battery, which has a capacity of 16% higher, 5.25 W / h (the iPhone 3GS has a 4.51 W / h). It is striking that they have managed to improve this data taking into account the smaller size of the set, again the miniaturization work has been important in this regard.

Another detail that may be important, but is not confirmed, is the presence of a second microphone for the cancellation of external noise, just like the one we can find in the Nexus One.

Separate buttons, dedicated buttons?

The buttons have been one of the details that have made me doubt the most about the veracity of the device, since in previous designs the volume is not found in two separate pieces. We could be facing a provisional fact, or it could be the solution to have a dedicated button for the camera.

All buttons, power, volume and mute, are made of metallic materials, as well as the edge where they are included.

The reasons why it is the new generation of the iPhone

In addition to the details that we have discussed in the news, such as the internal components signed by Apple, there is another as important as that it is recognized as an iPhone when connected to a computer, and according to the person who found it, the operating system it uses is iPhone OS 4.0.

If we consider that the time when the new operating system was found had not been presented, it seems even clearer that this phone arrives directly from Cupertino. Apparently the system could not be played because Apple remotely locked the phone. Even more decisive is that Apple itself made an appeal to return a lost terminal.

Finally we must take into account that the phone came with a plastic case that camouflaged it so that it looked like an iPhone 3GS, but curiously it had the exact holes for the new buttons and location of the ports, camera and flash.

For my part, there are few doubts about the veracity of the device, but as I said at the beginning of the news, as long as Apple does not consider opposing us and creating or modifying the phone as it deems necessary until the day of its departure. We are waiting to update the news with new information, and above all I would like to know your opinions about it.

In Gizmodo you have the rest of images and videos to get to know the new Apple phone better.

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