iPhone 4G, a pocket iPad?

Surely those who like to follow the Internet rumor mill of Apple products have already seen online the alleged leaked images of what could be the back cover of the new model of Apple's phone, which we remember has all the ballots that It will be presented in June (many talk about the 22nd), along with the official release of the new firmware 4.0.

Although the images, in my opinion, are a full-fledged fake, a 3D model with several flaws, we did not want to stop bringing them to you, especially because of the high possibilities that the new Apple mobile will look very similar to this one, you just have to see the design evolution of Apple products to see how they are all adopting the same line.

We already saw it with the passage of all Apple products from white to aluminum; iMac first, then Macbooks and finally the iPad, have adopted this design line.

The iPhone is one of the products that currently does not fit this design so, beyond the fake, in my opinion the images we are seeing are not very far from what will be the new phone of those of Cupertino. You bet?

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