IPhone this Monday?

If we had been right with news like this, we would have had an iPhone for months, but unfortunately everything has been rumors that have not been fulfilled. However, this Monday seems different. It is a press event in which Motorola is going to present its latest news and the presence of Steve Jobs is rumored. Will the iPhone be announced?

In Apple Insider they go a little further and reminds us that in May the Motorola CEO said that the Motorola with iTunes would debut in a couple of months, which coincides with these dates. They even venture to give a price to the mobile: approximately $ 199. In addition, it is said that only about 20 songs will fit and that in order to expand the memory you will have to buy Apple a special module.

Recall also that Apple can enter the business of mobile telephony. If so, and if in the end they took out the iPhone, it would be more than likely that it had special services that the rest would not have. So it also makes sense that you start selling the terminals earlier to create a market.

In short, everything is congeturas. What is certain is that on Monday Motorola is going to announce news and that in Xataka we will keep you informed at the minute.

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