iPhone XS, new Apple Watch and iPad Pro without frames: everything we know (or think we know) about the next Apple event

A few days after the Apple event in September, where it is usual for the new iPhone to be presented each year, we collect everything that is known and rumored about the upcoming iPhone XS, the renewal of the Apple Watch, the iPad Pro without frames and all possible new Apple products from the September 12 event.

New iPhone XS: family grows

September always means for Apple the presentation of a new iPhone. After the double renewal last year, with the iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus) and the special model iPhone X, this September 12 we hope to know the path that the company led by Tim Cook has planned for its mobile phone line.

Following the classic renewal of Apple phones, this year it would touch models that do not change excessively on the outside and incorporate minor innovations at the level of internal components, such as the camera or the processor. It would be logical, although in reality last year was the first time that unwritten rule was broken. We will see this year.

The three new iPhones expected would all have a design based on the iPhone X without frames and with notch from last year

For years, leaks around new Apple products leave little room for news, at least at the design level. This year was no exception and a few days ago we knew enough details of what will be the new iPhone family, predictably called iPhone XS.

Apple could be preparing three models of iPhone of similar design but with important differences in both price and size.

Render of Ben Jeskin

The base model will be very similar to the current iPhone X. The 5.8-inch diagonal would be maintained, without frames, with notch, gesture control and facial recognition as an identification system. The news would come as in other "s" models from previous years: better camera and processor, perhaps giving way to the 7nm manufacturing process and its own graphic processor. Oh, and the golden color that seems to have leaked out.

This iPhone XS would be accompanied by a new iPhone with more screen, possibly called Plus, and with a diagonal of 6.5 inches according to leaks. The panel technology would be OLED, as in the previous model. On that larger screen surface, it would be expected that iPad functionalities would arrive such as the divided screen and even support for a possible new Pencil.

The rumored new affordable iPhone from Apple would not be a renewal of the iPhone SE but the replacement of the company's great success, the iPhone 8, with frameless design and authentic high-end price

The third iPhone "in discord" should be a more affordable model, but always within high-end prices, that is, above 700 euros. According to the latest rumors, we would not be facing the successor to the iPhone SE but to the iPhone 8, Apple's "best seller" last year.

Render iPhone 8 without Marcos by Martin Hajek

Around that price we could have a new iPhone with the design of the iPhone X but with lighter features both in camera (perhaps not double) and in processor and especially in finishes and screen. The one of this new affordable iPhone would be 6.1 inches but with LCD technology to reduce costs.

The introduction of more colors, especially in the most affordable model, would be another of the novelties that we hope to see next Wednesday on the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater, which you can follow in great detail here in Xataka.

Apple Watch: time for a major makeover

The second great Apple product that we are most likely to see a major update for is the Apple Watch. After its arrival on the market as a luxury accessory and its consolidation with later models focused more on sport and an active lifestyle, it seems that the time has come for the Apple Watch to undergo a major makeover.

The fourth generation of the Apple Watch will have major changes at the design level. A priori it will maintain its global size but with a larger screen because we will have thinner frames.

Only that? Well, there's been documentation for a long time about advanced strap patents that could turn the functionality around the Apple watch upside down, although it seems soon for them to become real. More likely is the connectivity of a step forward as it allows greater joint work with different accessories and sports elements, as well as a more complete integration with our health and medical data.

Other wearables from which we expect news are the AirPods (wireless charging and perhaps models with a noise reduction system) and of course the wireless charging base that will soon be one year old but has not yet reached the market .

iPad Pro without frames: looking for differentiation with the basic iPad

With the arrival of the Apple iPad entry, which added the support of the Pencil in a clear nod to the educational sector, the most advanced range of the Apple tablet needs renovation to differentiate itself from the most affordable models.

The iPad Pro will be possibly the third block of products that Apple presents at its event on September 12. What we can expect and so far we think we know has to do basically with its design.

The iPad Pro would arrive in two screen sizes and with a frameless design to differentiate itself from the "educational" iPad that already includes compatibility with the Pencil

Much surprise would be that the future iPad Pro do not run out almost without frames, as we can see in the different track-based recreations of both the iOS 12 betas and the factory leaks.

This removal of frames and design modifications will not be free. In exchange, the Touch ID will be lost in favor of the arrival of FaceID, and Apple will probably also eliminate the headphone jack and there will be a change in the position of the Smart Connector, if not a double connection of this type.

On the screen diagonals, it is foreseeable that we will have two new models of 11 and 12.9 inches, which would come with a renewal also expected: that of the associated keyboards, which at least we hope will have backlighting to match at least some of which third-party manufacturers have been offering for some time. Regarding the iPad Mini, everything indicates that it will be history after this keynote.

The possible surprise of new Mac

If there were not enough with the list of pending and practically confirmed news that we will see at the event on September 12, Apple could finish off the day with new laptops and Mac computers that same day, although the logical thing is that, given the heavy load of the event Wednesday and importance of the Mac consumer range, these presentations arrive at another event perhaps already in October.

If Apple were encouraged to give a return to its catalog at once, many Mac have to refresh, from the MacBook Air / Macbook that could be merged into a single range of consumer notebooks, to the basic iMac and predictably, also the Mac mini so necessary of novelties.

In a few days we will leave doubts and you will have all the punctual and complete information in our coverage of the Apple event of September 12. Stay tuned.

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