Roomba s9 + + Braava Jet m6, review: a team as galactic in quality as it is in price

If last year it featured an original robot vacuum cleaner that cleaned itself - the Roomba i7 + -, iRobot solves the task of vacuuming and scrubbing differently than the rest: with two separate robots (and which can be purchased separately) working in sync. We have tried the Roomba s9 + + Braava Jet m6 combo and this has been our experience.

Technical specifications

iRobot Roomba s9 +

Braava Jet m6


Robot: 31.5 x 30.5 x 8.9 cm
Base: 31 cm wide x 38.35 cm depth x 48.26 cm high

Robot: 27 x 25.2 x 9 cm cm


3.37 Kg

2.2 kg

Tank capacity


Approximately 0.4 L


captures 99% of pollen and mold allergens



2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-F networks, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-F networks, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant







Smart navigation with mapping

Yes, iAdapt 3.0 and vSLAM technology and Imprint Smart Mapping

Yes, iAdapt 3.0 and vSLAM technology and Imprint Smart Mapping

What is in the box

Robot vacuum cleaner, Home base charging station, two cleaning bags, cable, Wall Dual virtual wall and a replacement for the filter and for the side brush

Robot vacuum cleaner, Home base charging station, 2 cloths for mopping the floor, 1 cloth for dry mopping, 1 washable cloth for mopping the floor, 1 washable cloth for mopping dry, Sample of Braava jet cleaning product for floors


No manufacturer data

No manufacturer data


About 2 hours

About 3 hours

Loading time

About 2 hours

No manufacturer data


1,499 euros

699 euros

Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba S9 + with automatic emptying

PVP in El Corte Inglés € 1499 RRP in iRobot € 1,499

iRobot Braava m6134: Robot Floor Scrubber with WiFi, Pressure Sprayer and Superior Navigation Large Areas, Scrub and Mop App Programmable Auto Recharge and Resume, White

Today on Amazon for € 594.54 RRP at FNAC € 599


As we anticipated in the intro, the proposal to vacuum and scrub is different from brands like ECOVACS, Xiaomi or Cecotec. Thus, while the vast majority of manufacturers opt for an accessory where to fix a mop and a tank to pump water, iRobot solves it with two different appliances.

This means that if we want to vacuum and scrub we need the two robots, two plugs and a suitable location to install them ... and be careful because this seems silly but it is not: it requires at least a meter to the right, left and front for robots to come out properly. That said, we proceed to review the design of both.

The Roomba s9 + follows in the wake of the self-cleaning of the flagship of the previous year, so we are also going to find a voluminous charging base practically identical to that of its predecessor.

From here, the changes begin: iRobot has modified the shape of its flagship so that it is no longer a cylinder, but has a D shape like the Neato. And it is more compact, a direct consequence of not needing a large tank since it empties with each cleaning and of an intelligent navigation that optimizes the capacity of the battery, so it can be smaller. I anticipate that the result of this change in shape and size is noticeable in cleaning: it reaches corners better and gets into holes better. Incidentally, its matte black look with gold details looks very premium.

At the top we find the usual camera of the high ranges of the American firm: a camera that serves both robots both to prepare maps of our home and later, move and orient themselves in them. As a consequence, iRobot recommends that the first cleaning cycles be carried out at different times of the day so that it adapts to different scenarios. Also, we can't use it without light because the camera doesn't see.

However, I have tried it almost in the dark and it continues to tour the room. And it is that in the upper part there is a ring that lights up, so that it illuminates the environment minimally so that in low light it can work acceptably. When this ring lights up red it will be warning us of an error and blue means that it returns to the base.

If we click on the light ring, we will access the tank and the filter. To conclude our inspection of the top, three buttons and the RCON sensor, in charge of detecting the base. And continuing with the sensors, we come across the wall tracking sensor on the side and at the bottom, unevenness and ground tracking sensors, in both cases to control the surface where it is going at all times and avoid unevenness.

Already at the bottom we find a side brush and rubber brushes, present in the high and medium range of iRobot, more effective in catching hair and with greater durability than those that are made of bristles. But even here there are also modifications: the D shape of the new flagship has made it possible for these brushes to be larger (30% detailed on their website), since they are no longer limited by the wheels. Another change: The side brush now has five tips instead of three.

We also run into the wheels and an essential element in the particularity of these robots that empty automatically: the extraction point through which the base will suck the contents of the tank.

But you are not alone in your cleaning mission. Like the rest of iRobot Braavas, the Jet m6 has a square prism shape and quite small dimensions. The upper part is very similar to its co-worker, that is, with three buttons, the RCON sensor, the camera and a light ring similar to that of the Roomba s9 +. As before, by pressing on the ring we will access the tank, which this time does not store dirt, but water.

On the sides we find another sensor for walls, a sprayer that will be the one that literally spits the water to scrub and a button to release the mops that we find at the bottom. It is not that we cannot remove them manually, it is that when the mop is wet and dirty, touching it is not the most pleasant thing in the world, so with this button we minimize contact with it. And taking advantage of the fact that we have the Braava Jet m6 upside down, we find the wheels, the unevenness sensors and the load points.

Configuration and commissioning

Although we will have the opportunity to delve into its application later, one of iRobot's strengths in this regard is its design and ease of use, something that is noticeable from the beginning. The good thing is that both the Roomba s9 + and the Braava Jet m6 use a single app and are configured following the same procedure, although we will have to configure them separately by repeating these steps.

In the manual it is conveniently explained, but we detail it:

1) We will remove the robot and base from the box, placing it in an area with a plug nearby and that has a clear radius of one meter. In the design section we mentioned the problem of finding two places in the house that meet these conditions for both devices, because in my initial tests I had to change one of the robots because it didn't have space to start properly.

2) Download the iRobot app on your phone and create an account. Confirm it and access it.

3) Click on "Add a robot" and search for the relevant model.

4) Give your Robot a name (something that will help you, for example, to ask Alexa or Google Assistant). It will then search for nearby Wi-Fi networks. Select yours and enter the password.

5) With the robot in the base, press the "Home" and "Spot" buttons at the same time until we hear a beep. In the case of the Braava, it will also be necessary for it to have a mop on and for the tank to be full.

6) The app will search for our robot and show us the available models on the screen. At that point we select them and we will have successfully completed the configuration. If there are updates, they will be installed.

Both the Roomba s9 + and the Braava Jet m6 have intelligent navigation and saving various maps, but for this, a training cycle is necessary first, so that both can detect the architecture of our house and then divide the space into rooms and assign them a name. In this sense, it is important to carry it out at different times of the day (due to the light) and to clear the space, so that the map corresponds faithfully to reality.

Despite the fact that both robots synchronize to vacuum and scrub, we will have to carry out this mapping process individually since they do not share the maps, moreover, we will not even see the location of both bases on the map. In the analysis of the Roomba i7 +, iRobot explained to us that:

"The images taken by the robot for navigation remain in the robot, sending only the processed and encrypted data that allows the creation of a simplified and friendly map that we will view on our phones through its cloud."

How is cleaning

My apartment has an approximate area of ​​65-70 square meters, it combines parquet with tile, there is some very thick and live carpet with a short-haired bitch. What will the aspiration of the Roomba s9 + and the scrubbing of the Braava Jet m6 be like in this scenario?

Vacuuming with the Roomba s9 +

iRobot recommends leaving the floor as clear as possible to optimize cleaning and it is something worth paying attention to, because he has thrown the phone at me for leaving the cable rubbing the floor and tried to swallow my bathrobe (he hung the belt). So far it is within the expected, but it has also had problems with Lola's trough and trough: if they do not weigh and are at ground level, it is easy for the Roomba s9 + to drag them ... something that also happens to the Braava Jet m6.

However, this is if we let them operate per seBecause we always have the option of programming exclusion zones (from the app) to prevent both the robot vacuum cleaner and the floor cleaner from passing through those areas.

Roomba s9 + takes just over an hour to tour my house and it does so in an orderly fashion, drawing lines to go through the entire space. If we do not touch anything, this robot vacuum cleaner has as initial configuration one pass, but there is the option of two passes. Something that I have noticed for good is that thanks to its size, it moves better than other models between chairs and in small spaces.

And a detail to note: although a curtain or a quilt brushes the floor, it passes through it, so that it cleans both on one side and on the other. Be careful because this is usually the weak point of other brands and models.

Something that strikes me is the sound, since without being something scandalous, the suction power results in a noise (65 - 68 dB) that makes being in the same room uncomfortable. However, we can mitigate this effect by going to the Cleaning preferences of the app and decreasing the power, since by default it comes to the maximum.

If we lower the power, will it leave dirt on the floor? At a macroscopic level, the Roomba s9 + sucks hair, grass, dirt, paper and even the belt of my bathrobe even with the minimum power. A curious fact: at maximum power she gets caught pulling the belt, while at minimum she only struggles with it, but this ends up breaking free.

My rug is about two inches thick and she has climbed onto it with no problem. Of course, as it is small, if it is not fixed it can be carried quietly. The result in carpets is less than what we would achieve with a sled vacuum cleaner - or a vertical one - but not because of a power issue, but because we manually perform more passes.

At full power, the Roomba s9 + has been able to vacuum continuously for more than two hours, although by lowering the aspiration we will be able to increase the autonomy.

When the cleaning is done, it returns to the base and when it has been placed in the right place, it begins a suction process that fortunately lasts a few seconds, because it is quite noisy. According to iRobot, the bags where the dirt is stored have a capacity for about 30 cleanings, but in practice they are much more.

Vacuum robot manufacturers often recommend emptying the tanks after each cleaning, but let's face it: we don't. And that has a dire consequence if the robot in question does not notify us that it has a full tank: that we think it is cleaning and not. This is not the case of the Roomba s9 +, which has an option in the app to stop and return to the base to empty.

Scrubbing with the Braava Jet m6

When we launch to vacuum the Roomba s9 +, we see the option to scrub when finished. The same thing happens when we are going to launch the Braava Jet m6, which first suggests that we aspire. This synchronization for teamwork is what iRobot calls Imprint Smart Mapping. And is that if you do not scrub without sweeping first, it is logical that you follow that order also in automatic cleaning.

In fact, it is one of the weaknesses of accessory vacuum robots: that they scrub without having finished vacuuming, and the combination of dirt and humidity is not a good idea. The best thing is that we can choose which rooms to scrub and which ones to vacuum independently, as you can see in the screenshots, something very interesting because we don't scrub the tiles as often as the parquet.

The Braava Jet m6 also navigates by drawing lines to follow an optimized path, although the scrubbing process is slower. Its small size makes it possible to get into the smallest places, but on a couple of occasions it has gotten stuck and I have had to come to its aid.

Fortunately, the Braava Jet m6 does not climb on the carpets either when it mops or scrubs. But this has its bad part: it does not do it because it is small and has little strength to climb unevenness ... so if we have any unevenness at home, it will not overcome it either.

Unlike other scrubbing systems, the mop is not wetted through an electronic pump, but the device "spits" the water just ahead. Fortunately, thanks to the camera, avoid doing it on baseboards, on furniture, or on your own feet. The procedure is as follows: spit, pass, step back, and pass again by performing a kind of back and forth choreography.

With the Braava Jet m6 we can mop or scrub with reusable or single-use cloths, which are included in the box. Likewise, we can choose between three types of scrubbing: deep scrubbing, where strokes are maximized at the cost of being slower; the one of "prolonged coverage", that crosses more areas in less time and finally the balanced one. With the most demanding mode we have achieved about 3 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Another differential factor of this scrubbing system is that in addition to water, we can add a non-soap product - foams could clog the sprayer - which improves cleaning. Of course, the next pot is very small and we will barely have for 3 or 4 uses.

It is also possible to choose the amount of water you spit out. I have opted for the most generous, so that I could see what the result is with more water, more strokes and with product. And it is that I have not yet found a scrubbing robot capable of removing dry stains ... will the Braava Jet m6 be the one to do it?

Fresh stains are easily removed, but most dry stains resist. In this sense, the Braava Jet m6 is a good robot to keep the floor clean if we pass it once or twice a day, but we will have to scrub by hand periodically.

With the water spray at maximum, the soil remains wet after each pass, but in a couple of minutes it is suitable to tread since the distribution of the water is adequate, neither too much nor too little. Of course, I have had to fill his small tank more than once to finish cleaning the entire house.

Two things that I did not like too much have to do with the deposit. It is easily removed and comes with a very comfortable handle, but sometimes when putting it back it gave me an error, having to remove it and put it back a couple of times. Also, whenever I have removed the tank I have found water inside the Braava Jet m6.

How is the application

Although both the Roomba s9 + and the Braava m6 Jet can be activated simply by clicking on the "CLEAN" button, if we want to take advantage of its full potential, it is better to use it from the app, available on iOS and Android.

The app is the same for both models, so most of the functions are common. These are the main characteristics:

  • In programming we will be able to choose through a simple interface days and hours, zones and the cleaning mode.

  • Access the cleaning history to view all the cleanings, with data such as date, time required, area and if problems have arisen.

  • Mark exclusion zones - selecting rectangular areas - where we do not want the robots to pass.

  • In smart maps we will see the saved plans, being able to edit and delete them.

  • If by chance the robot gets stuck or lost at home, we can activate the robot's locator so that it emits a sound and helps us find it.

  • In care and maintenance we will visualize the state of the main parts and instructions for cleaning and replacement are shown.

  • In Settings we can change the Wi-Fi network, activate or deactivate the map layout, change the language in which it speaks to us, unlink the robot or restore the factory settings.

In addition, each one has its specific functions. The Roomba s9 + are:

  • Tank emptying, although every time you return to the base the cleaning is done automatically, we can activate it manually.

  • The option to pause cleaning or not when the robot vacuum cleaner's internal tank is full, so that it can return to the base to be emptied.

  • Cleaning preferences, to change the power and the number of passes.

And those of the Braava Jet m6 are within scrub preferences and allow us to:

  • Choose the scrub mode between "Standard", "Deep" and "Extended coverage"

  • Choose the amount of pressure jet you spray.

See complete gallery »Application (8 photos)

One of the strengths of iRobot cleaning robots is precisely their application: it is well designed, clear and very easy to use, making it possible to take advantage of all the options even if we are not very skilled with technology. In this sense, the American firm offers a good balance between simplicity and a wealth of options.


That the Roomba s9 + empties only has a great advantage: we will not have to be touching the dirt that we collect, something very important especially if we have allergies or respiratory problems. But of course, sooner or later we will have to empty the bag from the base.The good thing is that we will not be very exposed either: it is enough to open the lid, pull the tab so that with an effective mechanism while the bag is closed (preventing dirt from coming out), it will come out of its position and finally throw the bag in the trash .

Access to the tank and filter of the Roomba s9 +

This procedure aside, the maintenance and care of the Roomba s9 + is explained both in the manual and in the app. In this sense, it is appreciated both how easy it is to access the filter and the tank (by pressing on the ring) and to release the rollers to clean or replace them.

According to iRobot, these are the recommended cleaning and renovation frequencies:

Maintenance frequency

Substitution frequency


As needed



Once a week (two if you have a pet)

Every 2 months

Side brush

Each month

Every 3 months

Full tank sensors

Every 2 weeks


Pivoting wheel

Every 2 weeks

Once a year

Multi-surface brush

Once a month (two if you have a pet)

Once a year

Sensors and charging contacts

Each month


After each cleaning, it is convenient to empty the tank of the Braava Jet m6

The Braava Jet m6 also requires a series of maintenance operations to keep it working properly. The essential and logical ones are the emptying of the tank when we are not going to use it and the extraction of the mops to scrub them. Here it pays to be careful, because if you leave the mop for several days, you will discover that the dirt and humidity combo generates unpleasant odors.

From here, iRobot explains both the cleaning of the sensors and the cloth reader, as well as the wheels and the drip tray where the robot sits when cleaning is finished, both in the manual and in the app.

Roomba s9 + + Braava Jet m6, Xataka's opinion

For a few weeks my usual robot vacuum cleaner has been replaced by the conjunction Roomba s9 + and Braava Jet m6 and the general feeling is very good. But even if they come as a team, we will evaluate them first separately and then together.

I come from using the Roomba i7 + on a daily basis and while last year's iRobot flagship is very good at vacuuming, this one is better. To begin with, the change in shape is a success: its small and D shape enables it to reach more parts. I do not think it will navigate better, but it does go to more sites. But being small does not mean that it is weak, quite the contrary: it has great suction power and is noticeable both on different types of floors and on carpets.

In this sense, the Roomba s9 + offers a lot of power and efficient navigation that is reinforced by its dimensions. If we also take into account that the brushes have grown, we find a premium robot that sucks a lot and well, great to keep the house clean in our day to day. The detail that it empties itself (typical of models with a "+" in its name) means that it is more comfortable, although the price to pay for this improvement is remarkable. But we will talk about that below.

Just as automated vacuuming has brought power to navigation from head to head over classic manual vacuum cleaners in performance, scrubbing still has a long way to go to be a rival to the mop. iRobot has made an ambitious bet with the Braava Jet m6, both for its navigation system and with microfiber cloths, reciprocating movement, cleaning fluid and pressurized water jet.

The result is that with this robot we will be able to scrub the floor very well and maintain it daily ... but a good part of the dry spots still resist it. I don't know if the next step is new more aggressive cleaning fluids with dirt, with the integration of sensors / cameras to detect stains or with an ultra deep mode that performs more passes, but there is work to do.

And now we come to the global. The proposal of scrubbing and vacuuming separately has the undeniable advantage of being able to choose which rooms to vacuum and which ones to vacuum first and scrub later. But at what cost: the first thing is that we need two robots, two plugs and two suitable locations. In my house it was difficult for me to meet this requirement. And the second is the outlay. Buying the Roomba s9 + officially costs 1,499 euros and the Braava Jet m6 699 euros. Both solutions are positioned by results among the best options on the market, but their main disadvantage is the price.

It is the best we can currently find for scrubbing and vacuuming, and its application is well above that of other brands, but the vacuum and scrub combo comes out at 2,198 euros. A lot of money if we consider that there are other very attractive proposals that offer significantly cheaper smart navigation, scrubbing and application.

Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba S9 + with automatic emptying

PVP in El Corte Inglés € 1499 RRP in iRobot € 1,499

iRobot Braava m6134: Robot Floor Scrubber with WiFi, Pressure Sprayer and Superior Navigation Large Areas, Scrub and Mop App Programmable Auto Recharge and Resume, White

Today on Amazon for € 594.54 RRP at FNAC € 599

This product has been released for testing by iRobot. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

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