Italy applies total isolation in the country due to the coronavirus: there are already more than 9,000 confirmed cases and 463 deaths

Italy has quickly become the second country in the world where the coronavirus has taken its toll after China, the origin of COVID-19 in the city of Wuhan. With more than 1,800 confirmed cases and the death toll approaching 500, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that the whole country will remain "closed" as of Tuesday, March 10, tomorrow. An application of the most drastic measures to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Previously, various Italian provinces in the northern zone were under a series of restrictive measures to contain the coronavirus. These measures now extend directly to the entire country. From around 19 million people affected by these measures to directly 60 million inhabitants across the country are quarantined.

The measures are somewhat different from those that have been taken in Spain, for example. In the Spanish capital the local government has also taken extraordinary measures in the last hours.

An entire nation in quarantine

Italian Foreign Minister Di Maio announced this Monday night the expansion of restrictive confinement measures for the entire country. Indicates that strict standards will be implemented for each region. Among them is the rule of not moving much more than for work and for emergency situations. Meetings outdoors or in public places are also not allowed. Any sporting event has also been canceled until April 3.

The new measures will take effect on Tuesday morning, following a decree signed by the Italian Prime Minister. It will be announced in the country's official gazette.

In areas like Milan where these measures have already been in place for two days, the police have been controlling the main transport stations, asking for certificates that demonstrate the need to travel for work, health or to return home.

Most affected countries according to the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Italy registered just today a total of 1,807 new cases, with a total of 9,172 confirmed cases. It surpasses South Korea and is positioned as the second nation most affected by COVID-19 after China.

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