Jawbone Up24, analysis

While we wait for the new protagonists of the quantification fashion to take their positions in the market this 2014, old rockers like Jawbone return to the fray.

A few days ago the renewed version of the Jawbone bracelet (the previous generation also passed through our hands) went on sale in Spain and since then we have been testing a unit of which we can already tell you how the experience has worked for us.

Design that maintains its advantages and disadvantages

At first glance there are no differences between the Up model and the new Up24. One trick to recognizing them is to look at the pattern on their surface, which has changed slightly. Otherwise, the same idea: colorful, very comfortable to wear, light and made of rubber. As is known, the previous model gave problems with the power button, as well as with the LEDs, something that we hope the manufacturer has solved with this new version.

This new model remains resistant to splashes but you will not be able to submerge it, which means that you can wash your hands with it or even shower, but not use it in the pool.

On the negative side of the design of this Jawbone UP24 the total absence of the screen remains (the light indicators will hardly give us information on the way in which the quantifying bracelet is working) and the risk of losing it due to its closure does not full. Although it is true that it is the easiest to put on and take off, when wearing it with clothes, especially coats, there is a possibility that the bracelet ends up hooked and opens, with the consequent risk of it falling without realizing it. You just have to be alert.

Also the charge has to be done with a special adapter that connects to the jack, something that this type of bracelets repeat too much. If you forget the specific cable on a trip or recharge it at home when the battery is almost empty, you will be left stranded by not being able to resort to a simple microUSB cable that you usually have controlled in almost everywhere you go.

I know that it would not be the end of the world if your bracelet does not count a few thousand steps that day, but it could be that losing the cable and not having the opportunity to resort to something standard.

Jawbone UP24, finally with wireless sync

The great novelty and reason for buying a new Jawbone is the addition (finally) of wireless synchronization. The previous model required a tedious process consisting of removing the hood of the 3.5 mm jack connector (which by the way now changes in the new model to 2.5 mm, so they are not compatible chargers between generations) and put it in the corresponding port of the smartphone .

Now, via Bluetooth 4.0, everything is done without us taking action. It is a joy and something that could not be understood in a quantifying bracelet of this level and price. Joining this type of non-synchronization and absence of screen from the previous model was crazy. In our tests we have not had synchronization problems under iOS or in devices (all of them current) with Android, an operating system that debuts with this bracelet thanks to the new version of the Up application.

Despite the wireless connectivity, the UP24 continues to last almost a week without recharging, one of the best figures on the market

This wireless connectivity is associated with a reduction in autonomy, which in the previous model was one of the most notable (logical without display or bluetooth synchronization), reaching more than 12 days without problems. The new model sees its useful life reduced without recharging to about 6-7 days, which is far from a bad number. When you touch recharge, both a notification in the application and a vibration in the bracelet will give us notice.

Again an application that makes a difference

For me, the best thing about the Jawbone Up24 apart from its design, is its application. In addition to being very visually attractive, especially the timeline as I told you when I analyzed the previous version, it is the one that uses the data it collects the most. It does it with graphics that we can customize and face in different ways, with a good integration with IFTTT to, for example, make the habitation lights come on when the vibrating alarm is activated on our wrist.

We also like the tips / tricks so that, without realizing it, we improve our diet and habits to be more active in the day to day, including comparisons and curious data from the rest of the community.

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In addition, of the systems that I have tested and that measure sleep, the one of the Jawbone is the one that has convinced me most mainly due to the possibility of indicating a time window of between 10 and 30 minutes in which we want the vibration of the bracelet wake us up, theoretically less tired. That vibration is also valid for Siesta mode, which is not in any other bracelet, or to activate reminders of the most varied.

As you have read, the Jawbone UP24 remains at the top of the dedicated quantification bracelets after the addition of wireless synchronization, but at a price of 150 euros, the competition of the electronics giants will be hard to beat.

In favor

  • Design and comfort
  • Battery
  • The most complete application in the sector


  • Not submersible
  • Does not have an altimeter
  • Without display

The bracelet has been loaned for testing by Jawbone. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises

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