Xbox 360 games on your mobile from Novell

Although desktop consoles are going to be the main protagonists of the gaming world in the coming years, even more so with the arrival of three dimensions and the consolidation of online gaming, small laptops and mobile phones are hitting the market hard, mainly the latter. But they don't have to be worlds at odds.

In the gaming world, it is clear to me that the integration between desktop and portable models has a long way to go and the future is on that path. Microsoft has demonstrated this with its Zune ecosystem in preparation. Mobile phones will also be the protagonists of the game with desktop consoles. So the news that Novell is going to allow developers to transfer games from the Xbox 360 console to Android and iPhone OS platforms is not surprising. Microsoft, who is not the architect of this advance, will have caught Against foot because it has collected in a certain way what they intend to do but only for their systems.

The demonstration of Novell has been carried out with the Indiana Jones game, so this type of development would not be only for the large Microsoft console and its future portable Zune ecosystem, but both the iPhone and Android phones could take advantage of it. . The version for the Apple phone, one of those that has proven to be more prepared for this change in the operation of online gaming, may be ready to hit the market.

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