Karbonn, a dual-boot Android and Windows Phone smartphone, is preparing for summer

At this Mobile World Congress we saw how Nokia switched to Android to expand its family of terminals. As of today, the company that maintains the closest relationship with the Google operating system and Windows Phone. Together but not scrambled in the same terminal yes. However, soon it seems that someone will be encouraged to turn it around and put the two on the same device.

Perhaps the name of Karbonn does not sound like many of you. It is normal, this small Hindu manufacturer is quite discreet but from the month of June he can start to build up a lot of fame if he carries out his ambitious project: put Android and Windows Phone on the same terminal.

As reported by The Times of India, Karbonn is working on a dual-boot phone with Android and Windows Phone as protagonists. We can start the phone on either of the two systems, something that has been possible thanks to the regularization by Microsoft, which has recently become more flexible.

His goal: to reach users who need professional solutions for work and also to the most enthusiastic public of technology.Does it make sense to have these two operating systems on the same terminal? Personally I think so although taking into account the duration of the current batteries I would almost prefer to carry two terminals.

So far we can read because Karbonn has not specified more information. They say they are working on it and that after signing the agreement with Microsoft a few days ago they estimate to have this new terminal for three months from now. We will be vigilant because although it may not arrive here it will be interesting to keep track of it.

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