Kin, Microsoft's social phone

Kin is Microsoft's social phone. It is a new Windows Phone in which sharing is vital. It does not come alone, as a series of special services have been announced alongside this new terminal.

Microsoft Kin is a bet that has been made in collaboration with Sharp, which is the manufacturer of the terminal, and operators Verizon and Vodafone. The proposal of these companies together with Microsoft is to offer the user of social networks a unified experience combining the telephone, online services and the computer, but avoiding a complex operating system and large designs.

Microsoft Kin, a phone for social networks

Everyone is aware that mobile access to social networks is vital today and much more for the future. But there have been several attempts to position a phone as the best in the social field.

Microsoft Kin is the determined bet of a company that has the social between the eyes. This range of terminals will comprise two models: Kin One and Kin Two. In both teams the interface focuses on social networks and content sharing, with fewer menus and icons. From the looks of it, the screens don't seem very big for as much content as we're used to handling.

Microsoft Kin One and Two, with touch screen and sliding keyboard

Microsoft Kin One and Two are the two models that are part of this new generation of phones. They are small and manageable, far from the current multimedia terminals and closer to the social telephones that devastate USA among young people. We will see the response of young society in Spain for example. In them we find both touch screens and sliding keyboards.

Microsoft Kin One is a very compact phone that fits in a pocket and can be operated with one hand. Its camera is 5 megapixels.

The Kin Two model is committed to a larger screen, more memory, a better camera (8 megapixels) and video recording in high definition at 720p. Both models offer flash LED, stabilizer and in theory offer good results in low light. No doubt they have thought about night photos.

Special sharing apps

Along with the phones, the part that is new to Microsoft's bet are the pre-printed applications or rather we would say that an interface and operating system that is not Windows Phone 7 Series and that is based on Zune.

The home screen is called Kin Loop, and in it we always find news from social networks. Updates come from Microsoft sites but also from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Everything is displayed in the same place and together.

We can organize the people we follow into groups and prioritize the ones that appear on that home page. In it we will find information about the state of our contacts, messages, feeds and photos. As we see, the idea is already implemented by services such as Motorola Blur on their Android phones.

To share there is another associated service: Kin Spot. To use it, we only have to drag the content to share to that place on the phone and from there, determine who and how we share. Microsoft we see that it has decided to simplify to the maximum the basic actions of social networks. In fact, these terminals for little more than that will be worth.

Finally we have Kin Studio, which is the connection of the Kin phone on the network. It is a good idea that Android also works with Google services. Microsoft does this by putting all the content we share with Kin phones on the Internet and accessible from a browser. For this, Microsoft is going to use a kind of visual timeline with our shared content story.

With this idea, Microsoft saves itself by providing these phones with remarkable internal memory, since everything will be permanently uploading to the network. Android in version 2.1. it works the same way. Content no longer matters where it comes from, but where it is.

Microsoft Kin also with Zune

Microsoft Kin will be the first Windows Phone terminal with the Zune experience, as Microsoft likes to say.

That experience includes music, video, FM radio, and a podcast player. The Zune Pass subscription is also integrated, that is, music on demand with monthly payment. I think we no longer need the Zune HD in Europe because this will be the only thing they will bring us.

Microsoft Kin in Spain, price and availability

Microsoft did not want the same thing to happen with Kin as with Zune and the launch is planned for the countries with the greatest projection of social networks. It will all start next month, May, in USA, where Microsoft Kin will be a reality in the hands of the operator Verizon.

In autumn it will be the time of the most active European countries at a social level. And there will be Spain, which together with Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom will have Microsoft Kin with the operator Vodafone. New success for the British company after the agreement with Tuenti to position itself as a social operator for young people.

About prices, there is nothing official, and the logical thing is to think that they are subsidized almost entirely by the operators with the condition of associating a flat rate without which the phone would not make sense.

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