Kin One and Two, a bet of Microsoft and the operators

The Windows company has been slow, but after many years of rumors and denials, we already have the first Microsoft phones ready to hit the market. Kin One and Two will arrive in Spain in the autumn from the hand of Vodafone.

They will do it with a risky bet: to be a themed phone. Because if we look at Microsoft Kin One and Two, everything has been thought for young people and their social networks.

Kin One and Two, loyalty with a risky bet

Very similar but with some differences. This is Microsoft's Kin One and Two. They are telephones that have a touch screen to control their functions and a sliding keyboard to carry out the entry of information.

The new phones have little more intention. Microsoft forgets its Windows Phone 7 Series operating system and puts on the market a phone that is not going to give it a very significant market share but that can retain future customers. With these terminals it gives them what they are looking for today and prepares them for their future Windows Phone in which the experience of use will be very similar.

For all this, Microsoft has put the right thing in the Kin One and Two. Just what your potential customers really use: social media and multimedia content. No more is needed. It is a faithful transfer of use on the computer.

The camera is going to be key, and if it indeed behaves well in difficult situations, it could have opportunities. The interface where contacts, updates and multimedia content flow is another basic pillar. We will see if all this information has been successfully integrated into this exclusive interface.

They also play content on the premise of Zune. If you have transferred the experience of the Zune HD to these two terminals, as it seems to have happened, the combination with a flat data rate and the Zune Pass can do wonders: all the music within reach.

Vodafone bets on data rates

The Microsoft Kin One and Two are a risky bet also for the operators with which Microsoft has allied itself. Power users migrate to data rates and now younger users, who are more traditional and keep up the pace with calls and SMS, they are also forced to do so.

In Spain, Vodafone would reaffirm its line of progress in the field of data rates. For these Kin One and Two phones to have some success, a good grant and a data rate that can allow the youngest will be key.

In Spain, the agreement with Tuenti may be the definitive boost. I say this from experience.

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