Kodak wants Apple and RIM to pay to use a camera on their mobile phones

Go how things are in the world of patents and complaints between manufacturers. While Apple and Nokia the junk is thrown to the headKodak has decided to go on the hunt for Apple itself and RIM.

The photographic company has taken legal action against Apple and RIM on the grounds that they infringe Kodak's patents that refer to digital technology in smartphones or smartphones. The patent in particular that Kodak exposes as infringed is the one that allows to preview the images of the camera of photos that incorporate the phones of Apple and RIM

Apple is the worst in the lawsuit because Kodak also asks for payments for using its patent technologies on digital cameras in general, including the processing of images at different resolutions or the incorporation of a second computer application into the process. As always, patent clarity above all.

This patent war is not new, but after years trying to get these companies to pay Kodak just like others like Samsung or LG, they have decided to go for it all and even ban the importation of products into the US.

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