Kyocera KX5 another one of those "3 in 1" of the XXI century

With the launch of the Kyocera KX5, we are facing the appearance of another one of those 3in1 devices that try to make easier the needs that we have created in recent months and years. And it is that if in the 20th century the "3 in 1" consisted of lubricants, loosening agents and oxide removers, in the century in which we find ourselves it seems that the 3in1 are made up of mobile terminals with digital camera and mp3 player, and it is worth saying that in this the XK5 amply complies.

Its 512MB of expanded memory card capacity, added to another 16MB of internal memory for wallpapers and melodies, make it easy to store both mp3 and video files and photos that can be taken with your 1.3 megapixel, 5-camera digital zoom magnifications. It includes a 262,000-color screen under which the keyboard that comes to light by sliding it is hidden. Finally, a lithium battery that supports 4 hours of conversation and 132 hours of standby is the end of the letter of introduction of this new terminal with dimensions of 99mm x 47mm x 23mm and 115g of weight.

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