The gold rush: Samsung launches the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition

Many criticized Apple when it was rumored that it would launch a device with a case with golden tones (or champagne, as other users describe them). The truth is that the demand for that model has been spectacular, and Samsung has not wanted to lose its opportunity.

The company has announced on its Twitter and Facebook account in the United Arab Emirates the launch of a new edition of its Samsung Galaxy S4 that is characterized by also having that golden finish that has made the new iPhone 5S especially famous. Actually, these are two different variants, "golden brown" and "golden pink" that at the moment seem to limit their launch to that country, and it is not known if they will reach other markets.

Samsung's strategy seems clear: take advantage of the pull of that surprising new hue on its flagship terminal now that gold is so fashionable thanks to the success of the iPhone 5S. We will see if that model really reaches all markets ... and if other manufacturers also follow this new gold rush.

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