The legendary Palm will return in 2018: let's hope for the best and be prepared for the worst

The youngest of the place probably won't tell you too much about the Palm brand, but for those of us who are already a certain age that brand brings us many good memories. For a time, in fact, Palm seemed almost as invincible as Apple: the PDA fever was very strong, and Palm dominated the market with a firm hand.

That, however, ended badly. Palm failed to compete in the smartphone market despite its attempts and prodigious developments such as that webOS that amazed us in 2009. The firm was almost forgotten, but its current owner, TCL, promises Palm devices in 2018. Hopefully not to destroy the good name of the legendary brand.

Preparations for an Android-based Palm smartphone

In October 2014, the Chinese electronics giant bought the brand from HP, which in turn had bought Palm and all its patents in April 2010. Those responsible for TCL then claimed that their idea was to restore Palm to glory. of their past days, and it seems that is what they will try next year.

The Palm Pre failed to convince industry and users, but it was a valiant attempt by Palm to regain its former relevance.

The firm, as many of you may know, is the same one that has tried to follow the same strategy with BlackBerry, with which it reached an agreement to develop smartphones with the BlackBerry Mobile brand. The BlackBerry KEYone was the first fruit of that collaboration, and it must be recognized that the intentions were good with a terminal that maintained the main identity of these devices, the physical keyboard.

That, of course, doesn't mean much. Those responsible for TCL do not give details or specific dates about that return to the Palm market, of which they only say that it will occur "sometime in 2018."

In an interview with Android Planet, one of the TCL executives, Stefan Streit, commented on those intentions, but did not want to indicate whether or not those devices would be smartphones. Many analysts raise that possibility: TCL would launch an Android-based smartphone in 2018 under the Palm brand.

WebOS seems discarded since LG is the owner of the rights for a platform that would also have very difficult to compete in the current market - others tried and failed - and now all that remains is to do what we said in the headline: hope for the best and, for Of course, be prepared for the worst.

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