The Palm Pre Plus is preparing to arrive in Spain

It seems that Palm has felt great that HP cares about them and, after the arrival of the Palm Pixi Plus last week, in today's presentation of that terminal with Vodafone, Palm has shown that they are more animated than ever and Vodafone who are interested in having the Pre Plus also in Spain as a travel companion to the Pixi Plus. With this, the British company is collecting the majority of smartphones under most operating systems, and be careful because every day it seems more confirmed that they will also have the iPhone 4G.

The Palm Pre Plus will complete the catalog in Spain of the brand to be extinguished while waiting to see how its future owner, HP, manages the following phones that are arriving. It would not surprise me if the operating system changed the name of WebOS that is so much to talk about in Spain.

Palm Pre Plus, a minor update

Although its sister model Pixi Plus did present new features with respect to the model it comes to, in the Palm Pre Plus it is not like that and we hardly found an improvement in RAM, which goes up to 512 MB, as well as internal memory, which it reaches 16 GB in the Pre Plus.

The strength of the Palm Pre Plus continues to be in the combination of design, very compact and with the sliding keyboard as the protagonist, and the WebOS operating system. Its 3.1-inch screen with 320x480 pixel resolution and 24-bit color depth is another highlight.

The rest of the specifications are completed with the GPS, WiFi connectivity, the light and proximity sensor, the 3 megapixel camera with LED flash and the autonomy of 5.5 hours in conversation mode and more than 12 days on standby.

We will not discover anything new from the WebOS operating system. We only have to say that this Palm Pre Plus incorporates tethering for up to 5 devices with which we can distribute the 3G connection. This type of application is something that every day more phones should incorporate so that the use of our expensive flat rate is not restricted to a single device.

In Spain at the moment it will be available with the Palm Pixi Plus and only with Vodafone.

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