Mobile telephony in Japan is another world: terminals

Mobile telephony in Japan is quite unknown terrain for the vast majority of us. And as expected it is very different from the one We enjoy here. We have been able to verify it by visiting the stand of NTT Docomo at the Mobile World Congress where they have given us a demonstration of some of the services and applications that are available there.

The one that has caught our attention the most has been that of a separable mobile, made up of two parts that can be joined or separated at will. These communicate through Bluetooth and work like a conventional mobile phone but without the need for cables that connect the two.

It is, at the moment, a prototype, but it surely will not take too long to see the light in Japan. With this terminal we can, for example, hang the screen on the wall (it is magnetic) and use the other part as a remote control or to control a game.

It also allows queries on the Internet while we are talking, since while one of the parts works as an earpiece and a microphone, the other is independent and has a touch screen from which we can surf the net. We remember, a prototype, but fully functional.

Another of the models that we have been able to see has been the waterproof mobile. It is not a novelty, since they have existed for a long time, but it is equally impressive to see how they put it into the water and the mobile continues to work perfectly.

It is fully functional although, obviously, it will not allow us to speak underwater. And is that some do not shut up even there.

Another of the terminals that have shown us in NTT Docomo is the one of a children's telephone which, to the usual functions, adds a couple of alarms, which the child can activate in case of feeling threatened or having any problem.

One of the alarms is audible and visual, and sounds an alarm at a high volume, in addition to lighting and displaying a distress message. The other is a dull alarm. In both cases, a message is sent to the parents or the designated person with the child's current location.

We finish this review of terminals with the Wellness Phone, a phone that takes care of us. To do this, it incorporates various functions, from which our constants are measured, such as the pulse, to the pedometer or a calorie counter. With all the data it tracks us and shows us our evolution.

All this data, in addition, is automatically uploaded to a web page, where an expert offers help for various tasks, for example, if we want to improve our physical fitness or if we want to lose weight.

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