Videotelephony, also in France

France, with six million users with broadband connections, begins to experiment with video telephony, France Telecom proposes MaLigne Viseo, the first European proposal to associate video telephony and ADSL. Little by little, we have gone from mobile phones with photo and video cameras, to Video Calls, and now, the image in traditional telephony: the videotelephony? or better, videophony? You can choose terminal, which you can see in the photos, both have a camera and screen. You can also share photos and videos with your interlocutor. And it is fully compatible with UMTS Video Calls. Of course, all calls start without an image, which is activated only if you want to be seen. MaLigne Viseo offers you a second terminal so you can give the service to your preferred interlocutor. Installation is done by connecting the terminal to the ADSL Modem and the telephone line. Each terminal is sold at 180 euros or rented at 7 euros per month.

The first thing to take into account is that we move away from a traditional telephony model based on the concepts of "time" and "distance". MaLigne Viseo offers unlimited flat rate calling. And a new concept is introduced: the phone number, because now you can add to your usual number, as many as family members you have. From one to 5 additional numbers in the idea of ​​personalizing calls. For one number, you pay a flat rate of 15 euros per month, 3 numbers for 20 euros and 5 numbers for 25 euros. Each number can receive calls from any phone, landline or mobile.

Second, the incorporation of the image into communication is necessary. It is the videoconference in the domestic sphere. Although it remains to be seen what uses will be imposed, because in the end, we can communicate visually on the living room TV, on the computer, with some Skype-type program, or the Messenguer that incorporate the webcam, or on multimedia mobiles, of course. We will see which model prevails or if all at once, but the image is already served in voice communications!

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