The 20 best scientific photos of the year

Science is capable of the most beautiful, the most terrible and the most fascinating. For 15 years, the Wellcome Image Awards have selected the best scientific photos of the year. The Wellcome Trust is a British biomedical research NGO that maintains one of the largest scientific image banks in the world.

This year the winners have been an Ebola virus by David Goodsell that shows in detail the internal structure of the famous virus; and a beautiful image of a baby being treated with light therapy. But there are many more images ranging from smallest to largest. A fascinating journey to the world of science in 20 images.

The fascinating beauty of science

Goodsell's image, made in watercolor and ink, a cross section of the virus that allows it to be seen in three dimensions and to see the structure more clearly. The central core is drawn in three dimensions so that you can see its structure more clearly, a vision is only possible through illustration.

The Julie Dorrington Award for Best Cinematography went to David Bishop for capturing a premature baby receiving light therapy. This technique is used to treat jaundice, an excess of bilirubin in the blood that causes the yellowing. In the photograph, the baby is bathed in a fascinating blue glow of ultraviolet light.

Cross section of a corn leaf

Three-dimensional stem cell

Tachyzoites in a Toxoplasma gondii

Asymmetric cell division in a zebrafish embryo

Bone development during childhood of the L1 vertebra

Graphene-bacteria interaction

Human liver tissue implant

Containment unit for infectious diseases

Raynaud's phenomenon (a vasospastic disorder that causes discoloration of the fingers) through thermal imaging.

Allergic reaction to p-phenylenediamine from henna (or henna)

Central retinal vein occlusion

Advances in the treatment of heart attack

Source | Wellcome Trust

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