BlackBerrys become portable consoles

iPhone has always boasted of being an ideal platform for portable games, but from RIM they want the Apple terminal to not be the only one that fulfills this function. It is because of that add support for OpenGL ES your devices will bring games much closer to BlackBerrys.

The announcement has been made in the BlackBerry Developer Conference and there it has been confirmed that it will be available on all terminals equipped with the BlackBerry OS 5.0 or higher operating system, which means that there will be a good number of compatible devices.

Companies will thus have the possibility of creating 3D games for these phones that, until a while ago, focused a lot on the professional public, but with the incorporation of multimedia features or this compatibility with OpenGL ES they are approaching the mass market.

In the video we can see a demonstration of the operation of Need for Speed: Shift on a Storm 2 and, although it is not yet polished, as it can be seen that the fluidity is not what a final version should offer, it looks very good. And with RIM's app store, access to these games is at your fingertips.

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