Lenovo LePhone, with Android for now only in China

Update: More official information about the Lenovo LePhone in Xatakamóvil.

Despite a long hiatus, Lenovo continues to bet on mobile telephony. The Lenovo LePhone is born for now only for China and with specifications very close to those of the Nexus One, the current fashion mobile.

Lenovo LePhone brings a 3.7-inch screen, capacitive touch but not OLED type, with a resolution of 800x480 pixels and powered by the same Snapdragon of the Google mobile. The system is Android and of course we will have A-GPS, WiFi and a 3 megapixel camera.

Indeed it is not as powerful as the Nexus One, but it comes quite close. Unfortunately, the screen is not OLED (although it is capacitive and has the same resolution) and the system is Android 1.6 (not 2.1 as the Google model), but depending on the price it could be really interesting, even more so if We consider the professional cutting devices that Lenovo itself (partly owned by IBM) has designed in recent years.

More information | Engadget.

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