LG Chocolate BL40 arrives next month

As we already mentioned with the LG GM750, the Korean manufacturer has not brought its phones to the IFA, which is not an obstacle for it to be making various announcements about its novelties in this field, especially highlighting that of the LG Chocolate BL40.

We have already talked a lot about this mobile phone, which stands out for being the first to incorporate a screen in 21: 9 format and a size of 4 inches. This means that its shape and design are quite far from all its competitors and that it is capable of implementing some novel features.

The user interface that the LG Chocolate BL40 will offer will be S-Class, in a version very similar to that of the Arena, but with a special feature. The elongated display format allows you to have two virtual screens, showing different content in each of them.

It will not take us long to have it in our hands. In Europe it will begin to distribute this same month of September, while in Spain there will be an official presentation in October, so that in little more than a month it will reach the market, still without deciding whether it will do so with any operator.

More information | LG.

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