LG Crystal

LG Crystal is the new mobile phone with touch screen and S-Class interface that has just been announced. Also called LG GD900 Crystal, its highlight is the transparent keyboard it boasts and its 8-megapixel camera.

The transparent keyboard of the LG Crystal is not a mere decoration, but behaves like a tocuhpad, which LG has called the Crystal touchpad.

LG Crystal, touchscreen phone with multimedia chip

The LG GD900 Crystal is another touchscreen phone hitting the market. It is unavoidable. This time it has the S-Class interface, which has already proven to be an important and future element for LG phones.

The screen of the LG Crystal is 3 inches and offers a spectacular resolution of 852 × 480 pixels. It also detects the position in which we have it to adapt the interface.

The LG Crystal is concerned with the graphic aspect thanks to the incorporation of a dedicated chip for the multimedia theme.

LG Crystal with 8 megapixel camera and Wifi

He LG Crystal It comes with an 8 megapixel camera that has an autofocus system and which we can store on microSD memory cards of up to 32 GB.

For the connectivity issue, it has been equipped with WiFi, HSDPA and stereo bluetooth, so that its MP3 player function is fully usable.

LG Crystal with keyboard touchpad

Although the characteristics of this LG Crystal are very good in the hardware field, as it happens with the LG Arena, what incorporates novelty is its transparent keyboard that acts as a laptop touchpad.

Thus, the keyboard becomes a control system for gestures, which will help us launch applications by simply tracing on the keyboard, to do the mouse or zoom functions when we work with images or with the Internet browser.

Also when we write a SMS We will be able to use the Crystal Touchpad, which in theory should recognize our finger writing, a great challenge that we will see if it is met.

The multimedia and parameter controls of the photo and video camera will be controlled with the help of the Touch Weel.

LG Crystal, price and availability

The LG Crystal is going to be able to buy from July with a price of 450 euros.

LG Crystal, video of its operation

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