LG is ready to resurrect the MID from the hand of Intel

One of the teams that we will see the most this morning announced at the events of the different companies within the WMC of Barcelona will be the MID o Media Internet Devices. Yes, and we have not returned a few years ago.

LG, for example, has already announced that it is collaborating with Intel to bring to the market a team based on the MOorestown platform and the Moblin 2.0 operating system on Linux. The departure of this equipment would place it as one of the first of its kind on the market with Intel technology.

LG would like with this equipment to enhance the user experience in their portable Internet browsing. You should not have high hopes that your current terminals will offer it to you. The good thing is that MID LG will not be an isolated device, but in addition to WiFi, it is intended to be a 3G device that acts as a mobile phone if necessary. And of course, we would have Internet connectivity whenever we wanted.

With this new equipment, LG says to complete its range of portable devices: MID, ultraportable and classic notebook. Where to choose there is insurance.

The little hope that we have in the MIDs could be a false positive if the manufacturers support them with the conviction that LG has shown, and without forgetting that what is to be seen will not be anything like what we have known so far. MID. Intel and its Moorestown, with Intel Atom and a very reduced consumption that would bring us closer to that perfect autonomy of a laptop could make the path easier.

Will we now have to buy a MID now we already have many an ultraportable?

More information | LG.

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