LG GC990 Louvre, another mobile with 12 megapixels

The Samsung Pixon 12 is going to unleash the fever of 12-megapixel camera phones (although many of us wonder why the hell we want so much resolution in a camera of this type), but it will not be the only model that will come with this feature.

Sony Ericsson is preparing its own model and the LG GC990 Louvre will be another one that will be released soon. It has not yet been officially presented, but the Korean manufacturer is already starting to walk it through some fairs. It aims to be one of the highest-end models of LG, with permission of the new Chocolate, of course.

With a 3.2-inch touch screen in which we can work with the S-Class 3D interface that LG is integrating in some of its models such as the Arena, the characteristics of the camera are the ones that stand out the most, putting the emphasis on all of them, not only in resolution.

So the LG GC990 Louvre will come with a Schneider-Kreuznach optics, a xenon flash, what appears to be an optical zoom, a ISO 3200 and a very short trigger time. In addition, it will allow the recording of video in high resolution, at 1280 × 720 pixels.

The touch screen will also serve to control some camera functions, such as autofocus, simply by pressing the area where we want to focus. Among the rest of its features we find Wi-Fi connectivity, receiver Gps, Bluetooth, DivX and Xvid video playback, TV output and compatibility with DLNA.

We will wait for official confirmation to know the rest of its characteristics.

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